Liz Acosta is Big Mom with excellent One Piece cosplay

Throughout One Piece the Straw Hat pirates have traveled many islands and have met all kinds of pirates, but few compare to their experiences with the Yonkos Kaido and Big Mom. The latter was prominently present in the story from the Whole cake arc and thanks to the cosplay of Liz D. Acosta we can imagine a version of Big Mom in real life.

Throughout One Piece, Big Mom, whose real name is Charlotte Linlin, has been mentioned several times, and during the Whole Cake arc we learned about her history, spanning from her childhood and going through her time as a crew member of the Rocks pirates. The Big Mom cosplay that Liz Acosta introduced is inspired by some aspects of the character we saw in this arc and the result is pretty cool.

In the Wano country arc we continue to see Big Mom constantly, because after arriving on this isolated island from the rest of the world, she decides to team up with Kaido to claim One Piece. At one point in the arc, Kaido has a flashback to the moment he met Linlin, showing a thin version of this character that resembles the one Liz Acosta presented with her new cosplay.

Liz D. Acosta is a very talented Mexican cosplayer who spent at least five years dressing up as her favorite fictional characters, taking up this hobby in 2021 and improving her quality a lot since then. In recent months, Liz Acosta has cosplayed several One Piece characters and the yonko’s is her most recent, since she published the first photo of her cosplaying Big Mom just a couple of hours ago.

The Big Mom cosplay presented by Liz D. Acosta shows us Charlotte Linlin with Zeus and Prometheus, with an appearance that surprised her followers who are also One Piece fans, judging by the comments on the publication. Since Liz has been presenting cosplays of One Piece characters for a long time, we hope that in the coming weeks she will share more photos of her Big Mom cosplay.

Although it is common to see new cosplays inspired by the One Piece anime and manga constantly, it is not so common to see cosplays of Big Mom or any Yonko other than Shanks, so it is nice to see that Liz D. Acosta was encouraged to bring him life and the best of all is that it had a great result.

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