Last day of the Kings League: the 8 classified

Playoff Kings League

At last we were in the last day of the Kings League Infojobs, in which we would meet the eight classified They will play the playoffs next week.

The time came when we had to say goodbye to four teams in the league, so that only eight could continue to search for the title. Jijantes and Rayo de Barcelona were already ruled out of the equation, but the other two places were still to be distributed, so all the teams were going to give everything to continue in the competition. Let’s find out which eight teams will compete in the playoffs for the pass to the final four.

Jijantes vs Trunks (1-5)

  • (0-1) 3′. Verdu’s goal behind a big wall with Edgar Álvaro.
  • (0-2) 16′. Goal by Edgar Álvaro after combining the ball with Verdú.
  • *Letter from the league* 6 vs 6. Both teams finished the first part with 6 players.


  • (0-3) 22′. Goal by Pol Lettuce with a shot from his midfield.
  • (0-4) 27′. Verdu’s goal with a free kick from the left of the area.
  • (0-5) 32′. Goal by Edgar Álvaro receiving the ball inside the area.
  • (1-5) 39′. Goal by Ibai Gómez in a shot from the edge of the area.


The match between Jijantes, without options for the playoffs, and Trunks, with the pass practically assured, ended with a comfortable victory for the latter, which were far superior at all times. The Simyo MVP was Edgar Álvaro.

1K vs Ultimate Mostoles (2-3)

  • (1-0) 14′. Goal by Alberto Bueno with a powerful shot from the left.
  • *Letter from the league* 5 vs 5. Both teams finished the first part with 5 players.
  • (1-1) 19′. Juanma’s goal feigning the shot in the front.


  • (1-2) twenty-one’. Adriá de Mesa’s goal finishing off Chilean half.
  • (2-2) 25′. Pluvins goal with a great individual play.
  • (23) 36′. Arché’s goal virtually no angle.
  • *1K secret weapon* 40′. 2 minute penalty for a rival.
  • *Ultimate Móstoles secret weapon* 40′. card theft rival.


The Mostoleño derby ended with a victory by the minimum of those of DjMariio, who were placed leaders in the table. Casillas’ team, on the other hand, said goodbye to the Playoffs after this defeat. The Simyo MVP was Juanma.

Porcinos vs El Barrio (5-3)

  • (1-0) 4′. White’s goal after two rebounds from Uri Pons.
  • (1-1) 8′. Beguer goal from the front.
  • (1-2) 10′. Ubón goal finishing off a great cross from Nico Pareja.
  • *Pigs secret weapon* 14′. 2 minute penalty for a rival.
  • *Letter from the league* 6 vs 6. Both teams finished the first part with 6 players.


  • (2-2) twenty’. Cichero goal from the center of the field.
  • *El Barrio’s secret weapon* 3. 4′. double goal for two minutes
  • (3-2) 36′. Goal by Uri Pons pushing a dead ball into the area.
  • (4-2) 37′. Goal by Uri Pons finishing off a ball rejected by Jose Juan.
  • (4-3) 40′. Ubón goal to the squad from outside the area.
  • (5-3) 40+3′. Goal by Uri Pons signing the hat trick.


Porcinos manages to take the match against El Barrio. Despite the defeat of Adri Contreras’ men, both teams are classified for the playoffs. The Simyo MVP was Uri Pons.

Xbuyer Team vs. Saiyans (2-1)

  • *Letter from the league* 3 vs 3. Both teams finished the first part with 3 players.


  • *XBuyer Team’s Secret Weapon* 22′. Penalty Shootout in favor.
  • (1-0) 23′. Poch’s goal through the penalty shootout.
  • *Red card to Poch* 28′. Direct red for an elbow in the face
  • *Saiyan secret weapon* 30′. double goal for 2 minutes.
  • (2-0) 32′. Villalba goal after a pass from his goalkeeper.
  • (2-1) 33′. Goal by Gio Ferinu defining perfectly.


He XBuyer Team manages to save a difficult situation, in which they needed to win no matter what and he did it despite the fact that his star, Joan Poch, was sent off in the 30th minute. In this way, both will be in the Playoffs. The Simyo MVP was Villalba.

Barcelona Lightning vs. Kunisports (1-4)

  • (0-1) 2′. chorus goal with a shot ricocheting off Mario Reyes.
  • *Barcelona Ray’s secret weapon* 7′. penalty shootout in favor.
  • (1-1) eleven’. Goal Mario Reyes sending the squad a bounced ball.
  • *Letter from the league* 5 vs 5. Both teams finished the first part with 5 players.


  • (1-2) 30′. chorus goal Defining a great pass.
  • (1-3) 3. 4′. Ruggeri’s goal finishing off a corner to the net.
  • *Kunisports Secret Weapon* 35′. traditional penalty in favor.
  • (1-4) 36′. Hidalgo’s goal penalty.


Kunisports secures the pass to the playoffs winning with solvency to a Rayo de Barcelona that did not risk anything and that had the team president, Spursito, on its squad. The Simyo MVP of the match was Corominas.

Pio vs Annihilators (2-5)

  • (1-0) 5′. Lopo’s goal from outside the area.
  • (1-1) 13′. Nadir’s goal with a distant shot.
  • (2-1) 19′. Cokita’s goal pushing Corvo’s pass.
  • *Letter from the league* 3 vs 3. Both teams finished the first part with 3 players.
  • (2-2) 18′. Goal by Fran Hernandez feigning the defense until the goal came.


  • (23) 3. 4′. Jorquera goal finishing off a great center from Fran.
  • (2-4) 38′. Nadir’s goal with great individual action.
  • *Pio’s secret weapon* 39′. penalty shootout in favor.
  • *Secret weapon of Annihilators* 39′. traditional penalty in favor.
  • (2-5) 40+1′. Goal by Fran Hernandez penalty.


The match between the two Mexican teams in the league was resolved with a victory for Anniquiladores, which when they won qualified for the playoffs, leaving Pio out of these. The Simyo MVP was Nadir.

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