How to get horses and unlock mounts

Do you want to get mounts in your game of Diablo 4 to move around the world faster? Here we explain what you should do to get horses easily.

The mounts are one of the new features that shows devil 4 for its open world, and now players can unlock horses with any character class to be able to travel around the Sanctuary map more quickly (apart from the transporter portals). However, these horses they are not available from the first moment of the adventure, for that reason it is necessary to know its requirements to get hold of them.

In this entry of our guide we explain what should you do in your game of Diablo 4 in order to unlock the horses and how to get mounts easily.

How are horses unlocked?

Initially the horses are locked in your game of Diablo 4, so you must advance enough in the campaign of the game to be able to access them. If you visit any stable you will see the requirement to be able to use horses:

  • You have to advance in the story and complete the quest “Mount: Donan’s Favor”.
  • This quest is available as part of the Act II of the game.
  • Donan is in the region of Scosglen.

Where to buy horses and mounts?

Naturally, horses in Diablo 4 can be bought at the stables.

  • The stables are a type of trade What will you find in the main cities of the map.
  • you will recognize the Pussy of the stables on the map by its house shape with the silhouette of the head of a horse inside.
  • For example in kyovashad you can find the first stable master available, named Oskar.
  • Through the stable masters you can acquire new mounts as well as customize fences and trophies of your horse to give it a unique style.

Please note that it may also be possible to unlock new horses and customization items through quest rewards or random loot.

Can you get horses in the beta?

In case you were wondering, in the open beta of Diablo 4 can’t unlock horses. The quest “Mount: Donan’s Favor” It is not accessible during the beta as it is part of Act II of the campaign, so you will have to be content with just using the transporter portals if you need to. move faster around the world.

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