How to access a secret area of ​​the Hogwarts Legacy map

Hogwarts Legacy It’s a huge game where we have to overcome a multitude of main and secondary missions, gather collectibles and, of course, discover all the accessible points on the map.

And when I say accessible, it is because there are many more areas that apparently we cannot visit, at least so far, but perhaps after a future expansion it will be possible.

In fact, we have multitudes of areas on the Hogwarts Legacy map in gray that we cannot access, where a kind of invisible wall does not let us enter them, but that we can see from a distance that they are generated and even detailed. .

Well, thanks to a simple trick, we will be able to enter these inaccessible areas of the Hogwarts Legacy map to explore those areas that seem to be ready for a future update.


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How to access a secret area of ​​the Hogwarts Legacy map

Thanks to this JorRaptor video, we are now going to be able to access those gray areas of the map, which seem to be inaccessible, but they are generated, so the development team may have reserved them for a future expansion.

You are not going to need anything special, you just have to go to the next point on the map that we show you below and be on your magic broom.

Once you have reached this area of ​​the map through the appropriate fast travel point and you are riding the magic broom, you must ascend towards the castle and pass by the main gate, the one that leads to the entrance bridge.

Once you have arrived flying towards the main door, and without getting off, you must go to the right of it to go out into the castle courtyard and head towards the small tower that is located to the northwest, which is just three seconds of flight.

When you have reached this tower, basically all we have to do is pass the wall that is broken while we are flying to get to the other side and descend down.

With this we will have fully entered the invisible barrier, and after descending downwards by passing through the castle wall, you will see that you can now launch yourself to the left to discover the inaccessible area of ​​the map.

As they comment in the aforementioned video, there are a number of areas that we can travel to with our magic broom, and it seems that some of them refer to that narrative mission in which we faced a huge dragon.

In any case, there are also areas to the east that are not finished, so it is likely that the development team has left these areas halfway to continue in a future update.

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