Gamer dad plays over 500 hours of Tekken 7 with one character

A dedicated gamer dad has reached an impressive number of 518 hours in Tekken 7 playing alone with Marshall Law.

Tekken 7 is the latest installment in the long-running fighting game franchise, first releasing on arcades in 2015 before hitting consoles a couple of years later.

Tekken 7 received mostly positive reviews upon release and has proven to be a huge success for Bandai Namco becoming one of the best-selling games in the entire franchise.

Tekken 7 received substantial support long after its initial release through DLC fighters and major updates that have given the game remarkable longevity. There’s a new Tekken game on the horizon, but it looks like a lot of fans will still be playing Tekken 7 for years to come.

One fan who has proven to be especially dedicated to Tekken 7 is the father of TikTok user voodoovillain, who is said to have spent 518 hours in Tekken 7 playing solely as the character Marshall Law. That’s an impressive feat, as it’s safe to say that most people would play with other members of the catalog rather than dedicate themselves fully to a single character for 500+ hours.

In a TikTok video about his dad’s amazing playing time in Tekken 7, voodoovillain said, “No one in the world is as dedicated to Tekken as my dad.”

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