Fire Force and Soul Eater team up for a new collaboration

It’s been a while since we heard news about soul eaterBut that is about to change…

Since just this year marks a milestone for the franchise, and the anime industry was not about to leave the shonen hit hanging, especially since not long ago, Soul Eater left fans excited when it posted an update on its plans for its 15th anniversary, and one of the events includes a Fire Force crossover.

That’s right, Soul Eater and Fireforce they join. A new report confirms that the mobile game Fire Force will start the collaboration in Fire Force: Battle of the Flame Roadwhich is already available.

So far, not many details have been revealed about what it will look like. Fire Force x Soul Eater, so fans of both franchises will have to wait for some of the latter’s heroes to join the Fire Force game. stars like Maka and Soul They are almost assured in the event, but it remains to wait for others like Death the Kid and Black Star.

This huge crossover event is a special treat for fans, and the only thing that makes it better is knowing that the franchises are truly connected in canon. Also, as most fans already know, Soul Eater and Fire Force were created by the same person, atsushi ohkubo.

In fact, the artist inked Soul Eater between 2004 and 2013 before moving to Fire Force a few years later. So when the last series closed, Ohkubo confirmed that Fire Force was set in the same world as Soul Eater, albeit in a different time period, so in the end, Shinigami and Shinra ended up having more in common than we expected. .

Now this Soul Eater x Fire Force collaboration is coming to life in a new way, so fans will want to keep an eye on its mobile apps for the foreseeable future. And of course, this year promises to be a big one for Soul Eater, as 2023 marks the anime’s 15th anniversary, and several more celebratory projects are in the works.

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