Cervezas Alhambra organizes an esports event

Alhambra Beers HE delve into the world of video games and electronic sports after organizing a event next to Murcia inspireswhich will be held on March 22 at 8:00 p.m. at Vianco Pizzeria of Murcia. The next ‘Alhambra moment’ will reveal to the public the secrets of one of the most effervescent disciplines of contemporary creation, in addition, it will have three leading figures from the Murcian scene: Tao Martinez, Antonio Montiel and Daniela Meseguer.

Those who attend the event will be able to maintain a dialogue with professionals who have developed their talent in a sector that is booming and that exceeds the income of music and cinema together. On one side is tao martinez, manager of university development in esports in the company GGTech Entertainmentcurrently involved in several initiatives that will place Murcia on the development map of this industry in 2024, on the other hand, Anthony Montiel is professional esports playercurrently in the Vallecano Ray, and winner of several national and international titles, as well as representing Spain in international events, and finally Daniela Meseguer, who has worked in all kinds of companies in the gaming sector and who is currently Product Manager in a technology company.

The day will revolve around the “Creativity as a limitless tool”which allows new professional horizons to open up through new technologies with job opportunities outside the conventional paths.

Murcia inspires It offers the possibility of getting to know this new reality up close and understanding the nuances that characterize and differentiate both disciplines from the point of view of creativity, thanks to the meeting that the brand organizes with professionals in this field. Access will be free until full capacity is reached, the invitation can be downloaded at this link or through Murcia Inspira’s social networks.

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