By the hair of a shrimp

Goodbye, League, goodbye.- I don’t like to cheat myself and less at my age. The League is lost. Completely. At the Camp Nou it was only worth winning. And so it was for many minutes. The stretch that went from Araújo’s own goal (Madrid also suffered that misfortune in the first leg of the Copa Clásico) until that 1-1 draw in the last breath of the first half, when the still current champion seemed to have the tunnel on track towards the hope. That goal before sandwich time cut short the digestion of a Madrid whose plan was coming out thanks to Courtois’ saves and the fear that Vinicius instilled in Barça’s body, managing to beat Araújo for the first time, who He suffered a lot to contain the attacks of the Brazilian by his band.

The forces failed.- Ancelotti’s plan, with his gala eleven, did not finish working due to the lack of legs. With 0-1, the team lacked courage and courage to go to finish off the job, but you could tell that they lacked freshness and spark to achieve it. Madrid wanted to be an Oscar team (‘Everything at once everywhere’ or Everything Everywhere All at Once, for our English-speaking readers), but in the end they had to settle for a simple title bid… without award statuette.

Asensio’s goal.- I share the doubts that Ancelotti reflected at the end of the Clásico about that goal by Asensio, annulled by the VAR in the 81st minute. It was a moment of ecstasy for the Whites, with the Spaniard vindicating himself by touching his shield. No one from Barça protested. It was the moment dreamed of by Ancelotti’s troops. 1-2 and to put up with the type to get only six points away and put fear in the body of the leader. And in these the VAR appeared, which only showed one image, with a perspective that can deceive by not showing any other shot of the image. In any case, they threw the lines and it was offside by the hair of a shrimp. When a League wants to be the best in the world, it cannot be that it does not use the electronic technology already used in the Spanish Super Cup and the Club World Cup. What is very expensive? Well, spend the money, outsource the VAR to an independent company and dignify your competition now that it is under the inevitable suspicion of negreirato. I go to sleep, like Ancelotti, with doubts about that action, which in the end was decisive. By the way, Gavi got off scot-free and despite elbowing Carvajal and going for Ceballos without the ball in play, he didn’t even see a yellow card. We continue for bingo…

Future.- But there’s no point in tearing your clothes off. The League has already flown to the other side of the airlift and the objectives must be reset to end the season with greatness and brilliance. First of all, come back at the Camp Nou in the second leg of the Cup to give a blow of hope to the faithful fans of the Bernabéu. And then turn to the Champions League and 15, which is only five games away. It hurts to lose a League in this way, but there are many open fronts to recover the smile.

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