Another GameCube classic would be being remastered

Apparently, a version is being prepared for nintendoswitch of F-Zero GXand a new rumor claims that the remastering of this gamecube classic is run by the developers of the popular Luigi’s Mansion franchise.

Although the list of GameCube games available on Nintendo’s hybrid console is still somewhat thin, the surprise release of the Metroid Prime remaster in February inspired new hopes among the fandom that more such titles are in the works.

The original rumor of F-Zero’s return surfaced in January, when a well-known Nintendo leaker suggested that at least one more installment in the franchise would be coming to Switch sometime in 2023.

Based on the latest developments, many took this as an indication that the 2003 GameCube classic, F-Zero GX, would be coming to the Switch online library.

YouTube channel Nintendo Prime now claims that is precisely the case, as well as reporting that the remastered version of F-Zero GX is being brought to you by Next Level Games, the developer behind the Luigi’s Mansion and Mario Strikers series.

The report, citing industry sources, suggests that the Canadian studio is also currently working on another unannounced project and has recently been hiring a lot of people to combat the exodus of talent that followed its acquisition by Nintendo in 2021.

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