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devil 4 HE unfolds on a huge map that allows us to explore the lands of Sanctuary in more detail and freedom than ever. The explorable territory of the game is gigantic, among 10 to 20 times bigger than in previous editions, and is divided into several regions with many activities to discover as we explore.

The specialized website in video game maps mapgenie has drawn up a interactive map of Diablo 4 extraordinary for avid gamers of discover all the secrets that hides Sanctuary. In this section of our guide We are going to share this map with you so that you can get the most out of it.

Complete and interactive map of Diablo 4

If you want to visit the interactive map website from Diablo 4:

Although this interactive map it is in englishit is not too complicated to use it since it is quite intuitive. As you can see when accessing this map, there is a bunch of cones that will help you enormously in the exploration of the game because in just a few clicks you can see where are theyfor example, all the chests of each zone, the forts, the dungeons, the points of main or secondary missions, the locations of events…

As you see, the level of detail of this interactive map is excellent. Remember that at any time you can select various filters to activate and deactivate them as you prefer. In addition, you can also consider register on the website of mapgeniegiving you access to features like tracking your completed activities, adding custom locations to the map, and more.

Major regions of the world

The Diablo 4 map features up to 5 different big regionswhose geography is differentiated by its settings, temperatures and enemies:

  • Broken Tops: some cold and steep mountains to the east with Gothic architecture. Here reside mysterious monks who perform strange rituals.
  • Scosglen: thick misty forests to the north full of wild beasts. The home of the druids.
  • Grim Steppes: vast dusty canyons and grasslands to the west that are home to warring tribes of barbarians and cannibals.
  • Kehjistan: scorching deserts to the southwest home to ancient ruins with treasure everywhere.
  • Hawezar: poisonous swamps infested with deadly plants and animals to the southeast. A coven of witches reside in the region.

Diablo 4 is open world?

In case you wonder…

  • Yes, Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 It’s a shared open world game..

For the first time in the saga, the world that Diablo 4 presents is explorable in all its magnitude with total freedom and no load times between cities and outdoor areas. In general the map is similar to an MMORPG game, but not quite.

Players can encounter each other in the world while doing activities, and after completing the story prologue, the whole world opens up for us to see. let’s explore its top five regions in any order. It should be noted that the different areas of the world have been created by hand, while the interior of dungeons is procedurally generated.

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