The difficult situation of William Levy’s ex, and how she continues to lose more weight every day

William Levy is one of the most popular Latin American actors today. His relationship with the actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez was a media bomb after both announced their separation a little over a year ago. However, she has not allowed herself to be overwhelmed by the situation and she continues to be looked at very well physically.

William Levy is a Cuban actor who has made his way on Latin American television. He has starred in novels and series, and even has outstanding participation in the seventh art or cinematography. As usual in his profession, he pays a lot of attention to his physical appearance.

Similarly is Elizabeth Gutiérrez, an American actress of Mexican descent, who is also known for her spectacular physique, which even led her to star in several high-profile soap operas in Latin America. She was romantically related to William Levy, with a marriage of up to 19 years and two children together.

The separation, without a doubt, was a media bomb, but she has not been overwhelmed by the situation. In fact, according to what was reviewed by Diez Minutos, the couple has met on several occasions, some of them related to their children, such as on December 29, when the eldest, Christopher, played a baseball game.

At the event it was found that William Levy’s ex is still as beautiful as ever and for many it is because of her well-known healthy habits when sitting at the table, although the actress is not very strict in relation to her diet and has done so confirmed on more than one occasion.

“It motivates me to look good, feel good. I never limit myself to eating anything, but I do limit myself to eating the entire portion, ”she told People magazine on one occasion, alluding to his diet.

The beautiful Elizabeth Gutiérrez, the ex of actor William Levy. Photo: Instagram

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