Sophia Stedile performs at the reopening of Sky Hall Terrace this Wednesday, in São Paulo

The singer and songwriter Sophia Stedileone of the seal bets Soul Music for Brazilian pop, will perform at the reopening event of SkyHall Terrace this Wednesday (25), from 17h. The event is open to the public and tickets are being sold through the FeverUp platform.

The setlist will consist of a lot of international pop music, Brazilian songs and original tracks, such as “Não Sou Boa Com Palavras”, present in the artist’s most recent EP, and “Mais Uma História de Amor”, to brighten the beginning of a year that it’s coming.

Listen to the EP “More A Love Story”

“I am very happy to start another year of work with shows and presentations in incredible places. Sky Hall is a very well known bar here in São Paulo and it was an honor to have been invited to this reopening party”, says Sophia. “My team and I are preparing a very complete and diverse repertoire so that everyone present feels comfortable and enjoys the show. I look forward to this day coming soon to celebrate,” she adds.

In addition to honoring Sophia’s presentation, the public will receive a welcome drink and will also be able to flash tattoos (quick tattoos) with the talented Felipe Medeiros. The event is free for all ages and those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and will receive a non-alcoholic drink.

Tickets for this party on one of the trendiest terraces in São Paulo (located at Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, n° 1327) cost R$46 (with fees) and children up to 12 years old are free.

2023 has barely started, but Sophia already has a full schedule. A few days ago, the artist performed at a closed Track & Field show by TF Sports, after a street race. With a super lively show on a Sunday morning, Sophia conquered several admirers, who shared some of the moments of the presentation in the stories from Instagram. In some publications, it was possible to see comments like “Sophia Stedile rocks”, “Wonderful voice! I already want more hall ballads with her :)”, among others.

The plans of the artist who is part of Alma Music’s casting are filled with a lot of good music, several authorial projects and more shows. “The year 2023 has everything to be one of the best of my life. My first release will be in a few months and we are preparing everything here”, she says. “I can’t give too much spoilerbut we are working on a lot of cool things for you”, he concludes.

About Sophia Stedile:

With a husky and striking timbre, the young Sophia Stedile, 23 years old, draws attention for her spontaneity and the way she surrenders to the music. The artist, who has always been interested in music, believes her love for the music scene came through her father, who sang to her when she was still in her mother’s womb, which she believes influenced her passion. “I really like how music manages to unite people, and make their feelings understood through a melody”, she says.

Sophia is a multi-talented artist and draws inspiration from artists such as Dua Lipa, Ruel and Leon Bridges in her music. Her career began in 2018 in the electronic scene when she released a self-titled EP with five tracks sung in English. However, it was in 2019 that recognition for her work arrived, when she signed a distribution deal with Sony Music, on which she released two of her biggest hits: “Insecure” (with over 1.1 million plays only on Spotify) and “Too Late” (partnership with BWAXX and Manimal, with over 1.9 million plays to date).

Today, Sophia is managed by Alma Music Group, responsible for mediating the release of her biggest track so far on music apps: “Pretender” (with Sevenn and Yann Camargo) – which has already surpassed 4 million views. plays only on Spotify. Through the Alma Music label, the artist released “Me Leva” in 2021, a partnership with singer Lucas Pretti from Minas Gerais, which has accumulated more than 400 thousand streams on digital platforms.

Recently, Sophia released the EP “Mais Uma História de Amor”, which features four original songs, namely: “Hey”, “Falo Mais”, “Não Sou Boa Com Palavras” and “Para”, which complement each other by making a timeline of a love story. To celebrate this release, the artist performed at Blue Note, a reference venue in São Paulo.

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