Ahualulco, the town of SLP where Bardo, an Oscar-nominated film by Iñárritu, was filmed

The location comprising the road section of pretronila a pineapple belonging to the municipality Ahualulco of Sound 13 in San Luis Potosiwas the place that fell in love with the four times winner of the oscar, Alejandro González Iñárritu to film some scenes for his tape “Bardo, false chronicle of a few truths”, nominated in the category of Best Photography at the awards Oscars 2023.

The sequences filmed in this town were chosen by the Mexican director himself for the beauty of the desert and surreal landscape that he offered for the dreamlike scenes, as seen during the first minutes of the film, where the shadow of a male character gains momentum by running through the desert to fly through the air.

Another memorable scene is when more than 700 local extras go down the slope of a hill that has rock formations and desert vegetation to reach a congestion of cars, the scene is flooded by land as the sun goes down.


These locations could help obtain the coveted statuette in the Best Cinematography category for the Mexican director.

The film began filming in the Potosí municipality in 2021, whose project gave its inhabitants an economic respite due to the economic spillage it left during their stay in the municipality.

Bardo’s photography is in charge of Iranian-French director Darius Khondjiknown for his work on films such as the French titled Amour, the American Seven and Midnight in Paris, is the last winner of an Oscar for best original screenplay and was written and directed by Woody Allen.

The most emblematic places of Ahualulco

In addition to its desert landscapes, Ahualulco of Sound 13 It has been internationally recognized for the mezcal production that occurs in its arid lands.

the mezcal swear to me was awarded in the 2019 edition with the gold medal in the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, the highest recognition granted by this international contest. She was also awarded the Silver Medal in the 2020 edition of the same contest.

Ahualulco is part of the famous Mezcal Route from San Luis Potosí, where visitors learn about the ancestral production of the drink and at the same time get to know the old haciendas of the municipality.

During this tour it is possible to see the factories of salt production of Santa Teresa and the Ipiña Station, according to Visit San Luis Potosi.

Ahualulco of Sound 13

From 1932 to 1944, the municipality bears this name because it was born there Julian Carrillo one of the most important Mexican composers of our country.

The composer revolutionized music in the 20th century by introducing a thirteenth sound to the classical system made up of 12, a fact that he scientifically verified with his theory of microtonalism, obtaining international recognition.

Carrillo called the interval of a sixteenth of a tone Sound 13, which has a mathematical value of 1.0072. After a while, he used the term for his microtonal system, obtaining 4,640 different sounds in the octave and opted for the sixteenth of a tone, increased to 96 sounds per octave, explained the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL).

Will Bard win this category?

The other films competing in the same category are “All Quiet on the Western Front”, the multi-award nominees “Elvis” and “Tár” and the dramatic film “Empire of Light”. (Empire of Light).

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Tourism of San Luis Potosíthrough its official social networks celebrated the Oscar nomination of the film “Bardo”

Iñárritu’s feature film, in addition to projecting the wealth of this municipality, puts the state in the eyes of the world, which is worthy of being a location for large-scale filming and with this type of recognition.

Bardo premiered in Mexico since October 27, 2022 and is available on the digital platform Netflix since december.


Movies that have won an Oscar and were filmed in SLP

One of the Oscar-winning films that have taken over the scenes of San Luis Potosí was the film Frida in 2003. The Mexican actress participated in this feature film Salma Hayek and has as locations some streets of the Historic Center of the capital.

The settings that remained on the film with Oscar recognition were the San Francisco Garden, the Aranzazú Plaza, the Government Palace and the current building of the Center for the Arts.

The film won two Oscars for Best Soundtrack and Best Makeup.

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