TWICE debuts “Moonlight Sunrise” at the top of Spotify’s global chart

They know they won! The second English single from TWICE debuted with everything in Spotify. is that the track “Moonlight Sunrise” occupied the global top of the biggest debuts of the week on the audio platform. A great achievement for the girl group k-pop who is conquering the world!

TWICE.  Photo: Twitter @JYPETWICE
TWICE. Photo: Twitter @JYPETWICE


With the song in the best style pop perfection, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun and chaeyoung reached the position of number 1 of Top Songs Debut Global by Spotify, reigning at the top of the chart. in what, Quevedowhich occupied four Top 10 tracks.

Furthermore, the singer Ed Sheeran comes with the single “F64” in eighth place, Maneskinwith “Baby Said”at #9, and singer Kali Uchiswith the music “I Wish You Roses”in tenth place, thus closing the ranking of the ten best premieres of the week globally.

In a sexy and very fun way, the single, which opens the way for the girls’ new project, the mini-album “Our Youthshow the singers k-pop shining in a very commercial song that arrives in a immersive pop sound perfect for mastering the dancefloor.

This is the second time since “The Feels” (2021) – track that marked the debut of girl group on the list Billboard Hot 100 singing in English. In an interview with the magazine “PEOPLE“, Jihyosaid that the inspiration for the song came from a show they played in Los Angeles, in the United States. Check out:

“During the tour, we performed under the moonlight and we were dancing. The composer of this song was there and thought our performance was so beautiful that it became the inspiration for this song.”said the singer, excited about the release of the new single from TWICE.

In the strategy of maintaining success among the North American public, the group was appointed as the Female K-Pop ensemble with the most streams of all time on Spotify USA. His songs have been streamed over 289.4 million times by 2022. Globally, the songs gained around 5.5 billion streams. It’s play that never ends!

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