The unexpected indiscretion of Dulce María: the RBD singer says the date of birth of Maite Perroni’s baby and reveals that they planned everything so that she could be on tour | People | Entertainment

Months after the start of the RBD reunion tour, all the followers of the famous Mexican band experienced a moment of joy and panic at the same time, when on January 6 Maite Perroni announced that she was waiting sweetly.

The followers of the actress and singer shared the joy of Perroni and her husband Andrés Tovar, but their participation in the “Soy Rebelde World Tour” was in doubt. But, on January 19, the artist herself along with her companions clarified that she will be on the tour and now Dulce María revealed data that was not known.

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Dulce María reveals when Maite Perroni’s baby could be born

The actress of “Oscuro Deseo” would be in her fifth month of pregnancy, according to an indiscretion from Dulce María during an interview on the Mexican program “Hoy” by Televisa.

In other words, Perroni’s baby will be born with enough time for her to prepare for the tour, according to the interpreter of Roberta in the “Rebelde” series.

“All this was discussed to give her baby time to be born and have a few months of mattress, which is cannon, we are all going to support each other,” said Dulce María.

The 37-year-old artist then committed the indiscretion and revealed that she is recording a soap opera called “Pienso en Ti” and it will be out in March, something that she assures makes her “very happy” and that she will finish filming it in April, “Mai has to have her baby there more or less, around those dates, “he revealed.

In addition, Dulce María added that “the rehearsals (for the tour) and all this would be after that, like June, July.”

So Maite Perroni would have at least two months to prepare for the tour, although she could well be the last to join rehearsals to take extra time.

“It is still like the best quarter, in which everything is still beautiful. Being a mom is complicated; I’ve been here for two years and I’m still a first-timer, so we’re going to support each other a lot, ”she mentioned.

On the other hand, the actress and singer emphasized that “Soy Rebelde Tour” is a special reunion with which they intend to definitively close this chapter in their professional career.

“It is not a comeback, we are not going to be on tour for years. This really is something unique that we are doing with all the love, with all the gratitude,” she clarified.

The tour will kick off in Texas on August 25. Christopher Uckermann, Christian Chávez, Anahí, Maite Perroni and Dulce María will participate in the “Soy Rebelde Tour”, while the great absence will be Alfonso “Poncho Herrera. (AND)

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