Prince Harry’s military instructor opened up about his role in the Afghan war

Prince Harry's military instructor denied his version of events in Afghanistan
Prince Harry’s military instructor denied his version of events in Afghanistan

The book Spare (In the Shadow) with which Prince Harry takes a tour of his life from the time his mother, Princess Diana, died until his departure from the British royal family. His memories have generated great controversy in the United Kingdom and throughout the world due to, among other things, the statements by the son of King Charles III about his time in Afghanistan.

According to the Duke of Sussex, he was stationed in that country on at least six occasions and killed 25 Taliban while serving as a helicopter pilot during his military service in Afghanistan. In his autobiography, he relates that he did not think of those 25 lives as “people”, but as “chess pieces” of a board.

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These statements have generated great outrage among military veterans. retired colonel Tim Collins, who led a battalion in Iraq in 2003, stated: “Harry turned on the other family, the military, who once embraced him, having torn apart his birth family.”

Harry in his military uniform (Shutterstock)
Harry in his military uniform (Shutterstock)

Now Harry’s own military instructor, Michael Booley, has spoken about these controversial words through the British newspaper sunday mirror.

Booley claimed that he stayed “amazed” by the prince’s account of one of his training flights, and that his testimony is “inaccurate”.

“I am amazed by this. even in shockhe declared.

In one of the chapters of his book, Harry alludes to his military instructor and tells an anecdote about a training flight “suicide”.

Harry claims in his autobiography that an army instructor deliberately stopped his plane without warning. “I felt the left wing sink, a sickening sense of disorder, of entropy, and then, after several seconds that felt like decades, Booley regained control of the plane and leveled the wings,” the passage says.

“I stared at him. But what the fuck? Was it an aborted suicide attempt? ‘No,’ he said softly. This was the next stage in my training,” says the prince in “Spare.”

Booley assured that the anecdote was not as the prince told it. “Although in the book he congratulates me, I am afraid that the memory of the outings and the lessons is inaccurate. It is important to note that nothing in the cabin is a surprise. Every departure is thoroughly informed in advance, every aspect. The only time there are surprises is later in the curriculum, not as stated in the book, when emergencies are introduced. Engine failures are practiced before the first trip, obviously, ”he explained in his interview with the English medium.

Copies of Prince Henry's book "Spare" in a bookstore in London (AP Photo)
Copies of Prince Harry’s book “Spare” in a London bookstore (AP Photo)

Booley has questioned certain parts of his memoirs, which were written by the author. John Joseph Moehringer.

The soldier thinks that this has been a dramatization of the person who has helped him write the book.

Booley rated a “complete fantasy” the prince’s statements: “I think the reference to air departures has been dramatized. I think it’s the result of ‘ghost’ writing.”

“I think that the references to departures by plane have been dramatized. I guess it’s the result of ghostwriting. Also, I never called Prince Harry as Lieutenant Wales as the book says, instead he was an officer and I called him sir.”Booley clarified regarding the Duke’s sayings in his memoirs.

In any case, Booley has fond memories of Harry: “He was an exceptional student. very talented. He is a man I respect immensely.”

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