Madonna fans select the 40 must-have hits for the upcoming tour

***ARCHIVE***SÃO PAULO, SP - Madonna concert at Morumbi stadium, in SP.  (Photo: Adriano Vizoni/Folhapress)

***ARCHIVE***SÃO PAULO, SP – Madonna concert at Morumbi stadium, in SP. (Photo: Adriano Vizoni/Folhapress)

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – The announcement of Madonna’s first tour since 2019, made a week ago, caused a stir in the music world.

music. The shows, however, are restricted to North America and Europe, leaving Brazilian fans empty-handed. This newspaper invited four specialists in the diva -the special reporter Teté Ribeiro, the film critic Bruno Ghetti, the designer Márcio Sampaio and the editor of Ilustrada, Silas Martí- to put together the ideal show, with ten perfect songs to celebrate 40 years of Madonna’s career.


“Into the Groove” – ​​From 1985, composed for the best film Madonna has made as an actress to date, “Desperately Seeking Susan”.

“Express Yourself” – Madonna’s tribute to the band Sly and the Family Stone, is all about female empowerment, but predates the term

“La Isla Bonita” – Madonna’s first foray into Latin rhythms, the song had previously been offered to Michael Jackson, who turned it down.

“Open your Heart” – This song was written as a rock’n’roll for Cindy Lauper, who turned it down, Madonna heard it, liked it, turned it into an irresistible pop hit.

“Like a Prayer” – Name of the 4th album, from 1989, is my favorite, and, in the clip, Madonna is brunette, a feature she uses when she wants to be serious.

“Don’t Tell Me” – Cowgirl Madonna. Unthinkable when it appeared, it became true in the year 2000. But it incorporated electronic music and a lot of feminism, of course, as always.

“Beautiful Stranger” – Written for the soundtrack of the 1999 film “Austin Powers”, great psychedelic pop with heavy guitar that should never be left out of any track.

“Live to Tell” – Madonna’s best ballad, composed for the great love of her life, actor Sean Penn, who used it as a soundtrack for her film “At Close Range”.

“Bitch I’m Madonna” – From the 2015 album Rebel Heart, features rapper Nicki Minaj and needs no explanation. Bitch, she’s Madonna after all.

“Medellin” – Classic hit and clip since its release in 2019, introduces her new alter ego, Madame X, and returns to the musical Latinity she loves.


“Borderline” – Song from the singer’s first phase, when she still had the typical insolence of an aspiring pop idol, when you still don’t have much to lose

“Crazy for You” – Still today one of the most appreciated romantic ballads by fans. It was the theme of the feature film “In Search of Victory”, from 1985

“Beautiful Stranger” – It was part of the soundtrack of the comedy “Austin Powers: Bond Bed”, from 1999. The clip of the song, in which Mike Meyers flirts with Madonna, perhaps remained more in memory than the film. It is one of the songs with the best melody-arrangement duo of the blonde’s entire career.

“Like a Virgin” – It was with her that the singer stopped being a promise and became a pop icon

“Deeper and Deeper” – When talking about the “Erotica” phase, maybe this LGBT anthem is not the most remembered song, but it is probably the best of the entire historic 1992 album

“Justify My Love” – It would act as the show’s most edgy, sexy moment, with Madonna at the microphone as a big screen shows scenes from the song’s glossy music video

“Ray of Light” – A more mature Madonna, and also more spiritual: that’s how the singer came to be when she released the eponymous album, in 1998. The arrangements include instruments that allow the listener to launch into a mystical experience or, perhaps, even psychedelic

“Take a Bow” – Moment to remember Madonna’s passion for Latinity

“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” – In the best film in which he has acted, “Evita”, from 1996, there are several gems that also deserve to be highlighted: “Oh, What a Circus!”, “Rainbow High” or the Oscar-winning ” You Must Love Me”. But none are as iconic as the one sung when Eva Perón appears on the balcony to address the Argentine people.

“Like a Prayer” – The perfect encore song. After all, who doesn’t like “Like a Prayer”, even played to exhaustion, when released in 1989?


“Vogue” – When Madonna released this 1990 classic, people found out that the passinhos had been created in the 1980s at parties called Ballrooms in New York by poor black queers and transvestites. Since then, gay women around the world have never stopped doing the classic squat by touching their heads on the slopes.

“Holiday” – A holiday is already good, and the sound of this explosion makes it even better. This song seems to turn any party into a shower of shredded paper.

“True Blue” – This ballad that was usually played at the end of parties when everyone, already drunk, sang and made little steps as if it were a mating ritual — and it always worked.

“Deeper and Deeper” – Despite being a love song, the title always made me think it was a gangster song. Maybe it was a premonition because, in 1993, in her first show in Brazil, ‘The Girlie Show’, Madonna presented the song in a choreography that looked like a frenetic orgy with sweaty male and female dancers and practically without clothes.

“Nothing Really Matters” – It is considered the most lukewarm song on the album “Ray of Light”. But the diva wasn’t going to take that criticism home quietly. In one of the best music videos ever made, in 1999, she appears as a Japanese Our Lady holding a plastic bag as if it were the baby Jesus. For me it’s still one of the most modern clips to date.

“Frozen” – The fancy beat permeates a religious-sounding lyric in which she says she doesn’t feel close enough to heaven

“Ray of Light” – Title of my favorite album, this track was the most anticipated in clubs. The ray of light dominated the lanes of the LGBTQIA+ clubs and it seemed that the effect of alcohol and drugs was enhanced by the accelerated beat of the music

“Music” – Madonna still wants the floor packed. Already older, this time she asks the DJ for help to show off her ostentatious boogie-woogie

“Hung Up” – In this track, Madonna goes back to the 1980s with a leotard, spat and lots of fluorescent colors. With a sample from the Swedish band Abba, the intro noise already triggers the hair beating

“What it Feels Like for a Girl” – This track was already great, but the queen of pop decided to increase it and released a clip with the remixed song in which she plays a bandit who drives a yellow car that brings the words “pussy” on the license plates ” and “cat” as he goes frantically through the streets with an old woman he kidnaps from an asylum


“Burning Up” – One of the first singles released by the artist, the song still resists as an authentic explosion of eighties energy. To listen to “Burning Up” is to return to a sticky and smoky dance floor comme il faut, of that New York that today only exists in our most nostalgic dreams

“Holiday” – Yes, we need a vacation. Time and again, this song becomes the celebratory anthem it always was. Even with more relaxed beats, she never did poorly on a track and always attended the diva’s repertoire. In the four decades now being celebrated, it would be a crime for it to be left out of the list.

“Keep It Together” – Hidden on the disc that released the megahit “Like a Prayer”, this is a delightful B-side. It’s understandable why he’s been in the shadows all this time and rarely remembered, but his manifesto for brotherly love in one of the most tense times in recent history is still worth hearing again and again.

“Vogue” – A classic of classics, the song already showed why Madonna is an unavoidable artist, always in tune with what is the sound, visual, aesthetic essence of her time. From the New York underground, the artist crafted the song that became a gay anthem and a hedonistic manifesto.

“Rescue Me” – In the difficulty of choosing only ten songs, this one wins the duel with “Justify My Love”, but I think of the two as an extension of each other right at the end of “Immaculate Collection”. It is a crescendo of energy and female power, one of the most beautiful moments of the voice of the diva, who, yes, can sing

“Erotica” – Another watershed in the artist’s career, this one cannot be left out. Madonna reinvented herself on the album that bears the same name and paved the way for other aesthetic revolutions that would come later, with “Bedtime Stories” and “Ray of Light”. It’s pure horny, no need to say more.

“Deeper and Deeper” – Pornographic in the title, demure in the lyrics, is another one of those tracks that rock any dance floor and already has the retro feel that would mark the delight that was “Confessions on a Dancefloor”, years later. In the same album as “Erotica” and “Waiting”, this one sometimes easily steals the spotlight in the fan’s memory

“Secret” – Here everything takes a different turn. But the speakeasy climate of Harlem is irresistible, the singer in a more mature phase from an artistic point of view, to the point of risking to abandon the fervor of the dancefloors and embark on an almost soulful ballad. And I confess that “Bedtime Stories” is my favorite Madonna album

“I’d Rather Be Your Lover” – From the same album, this is another catchy and naughty one, easy to forget but much easier to remember. It’s one of those songs that slides without brakes and yet another countless confession of desire and lust on the part of the most shameless of all pop music divas in history.

“Hung Up” – Abba’s dive into disco and classic Abba made this one of the songs most in tune with yet another retro wave that swept pop music. We would see echoes of this return to the bottom of the chest in artists like The Weeknd later, but Madonna got there first. And music marked the entry of the new millennium

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