Italian artist credits Cardi B for Halloween post – get it

Cardi B is being charged for not crediting an Italian artist in an Instagram post. On October 31, the rapper revealed her costume for Halloween with a carousel of images on the social network. The photos included one in which she appears dressed as the character from ‘The Simpsons’, marge simpsonwearing a black designer dress Thierry Muglerfrom 1995, alongside the artwork that inspired the look.


The singer’s recreation was a work of art by Alexsandro Palombodeveloped in 2013 as part of a campaign called “Marge Simpson Style Icon”. The photos were first published by UK Vogue. The American rapper credited Mugler with posting the Halloween footage, but did not highlight Palombo’s contribution.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

palombo manifested itself in a publication on social networks. “Cardi B and her collaborators used my art without any authorization, demeaning its original meaning and just to amplify her image with a clear commercial purpose that has nothing to do with that path of social conscience that has always characterized my works.“, wrote the Italian artist.

“Ordinary people are welcome to use my artwork images for personal and non-commercial purposes”, he added. “To everyone else: STOP STEALING FROM ARTISTS“, concluded the Italian artist.

In the same publication, Palombo’s team reported that they wrote to Cardi B and her collaborators, but did not get any responses.

“We wrote to Mrs. Cardi B and collaborators like them never contacted us for authorization to use the artwork and failed to mention or credit the artist, violating Meta’s policy on intellectual property rights. Still no answer.”

In conversation with the website Artnet Newsa lawyer partner of Palombo, Claudio Volpi, said the artist asked the rapper and her collaborators to correct the error and insert a link directing Cardi’s followers to Palombo’s Instagram page. The request was not granted, so Volpi sent a formal notification saying that he could take legal action if the owner of the record “Invasion of Privacy” and his team did not meet the demands.

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