Half a Metro and Pirate Sound; Will there no longer be viral steps? Halftime

TikTok has a new king: Medio Metro. A dancer who has become a trend due to his epic dance steps during sonidero events to which he goes Dressed in a Chavo del 8 costume, José Eduardo Rodríguez, his real name, has captivated Internet users.

Currently, his videos have millions of views and all refer to Medio Metro. However, not everything is happiness, since a piece of news was released that would put the fame of the dancer at risk.

What happened to Medio Metro?

The videos of Medio Metro that have flooded social networks could come to an end, since it is known that the dancer broke away from the Pirate Soundwith which he became famous in sonidero dances, since He is going to become independent and start his own business.

This was announced by the owner of Sonido Pirata, who announced that for the upcoming events that they had already agreed upon, they will not be able to see Medio Metro dancesince he is going to start taking his own projects.

“This has already gotten out of control. I want to explain to people, to all those who have contracts with me that I have just dialed Medio Metro, it is confirming Half a meter that he is going to move alone. How good, bless God, I think he already gave the boy a hand last year, ”he said as an animator.

Who is Half Metro?

José Eduardo Rodríguez, a native of León, Guanajuato, he got his nickname due to his short stature. However, he went viral due to his skills as a dancer, mainly after performing the Chavo del 8 step.

After gaining fame, he began to dance with the costume of the character of Chespirito and, together with Sonido Pirada, he went viral due to his epic dance steps, such as: ‘The little jacket’, ‘El Chavito del 8’, ‘El penguino’ and ‘El maniqui’among others.​

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