Bad Bunny and Gael García kiss passionately… in the movie Cassandro

AAlthough last December, Bad Bunny announced that he would retire from the stage this 2023, the Puerto Rican It is no longer at the center of attention.

And it’s just that an image was leaked in which He is seen kissing another celebrity, nothing more and nothing less than the Mexican actor gael garca.

The kiss between Bad Bunny and Gael Garcia

Everything is part of one scene leaked in networks from the movie “Cassandro, the exotic”which has only been released in the sundance festivals and that it will arrive at Prime Video during this year.

The image leaked on the networks immediately went viral as it shows the singer and the actor giving each other a passionate kiss.

In the film, Gael García Bernal to give life to the fighter “Cassandro“. It is not yet known what role Bad Bunny plays.

Gael García Bernal embodies the two different sides of Salcapturing both her feelings of otherness and the boisterous in-ring persona she embraces and revels in her difference,” reads the film’s synopsis.

It is not the first time that he interpreter of “Tit asked me” appears on the big screen, because in 2022 he was with Brad Pitt in “Bullet Train”.

Cassandro, the exotic

Sal Armendriz He is an exotic fighter of Mexican origin born in El Paso, Texas, who wrestled under the name of Cassandro.

Exoticos are male wrestlers dressed in drag depicting gay caricatures. Although most exotics were heterosexual, Armendriz is gay.

Cassandro has wrestled in several leagues and is a former NWA World Welterweight Champion and UWA World Lightweight Champion.

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