The unmissable reaction of Clara Chía after Shakira’s new song in which she is attacked with Gerard Piqué


Shakira exploded social networks with the new song that he has published in collaboration with bizarre a little over 24 hours ago. In the lyrics, he throws very direct darts against Gerard Piqué and his current partner, Clara Chia.

The memes destroy Piqué after Shakira’s new song

The Colombian song ‘Sessions 53’ has generated all kinds of comments among users. Some applaud her courage and others question the way in which the Barranquillera faces the break with the ex-soccer player.

in the composition Shakira attack Pique saying that “so much that you give yourself the champion and when I needed you you gave your worst version”. He also mentions that ”I should have thrown that cat away a while ago. A wolf like me is not for a ‘newbie”.

Several celebrities have not been slow to react to the new hit. For example, Ibai Plainswho is one of the great friends of gerardhas been quite ironic with the subject.

However, her own Clara Chia She has not remained silent on her official Instagram profile either. The 22-year-old has reacted to the song by posting a yawning face.

The image of the bride Pique It can be understood as that the lyrics have bored her and that she doesn’t care what the coffee pot says about her relationship with Catalan.

The reaction of clear It has been shared on all social networks and after going viral, he decided to delete it.

”He has the name of a good person. It’s clearly not what it sounds like. I don’t even know what happened to you. You’re so strange that I can’t even tell you apart. I’m worth two out of 22. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio”, are the darts of Shakira toward clear in ‘Sessions 53’.

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