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The boots that could be worn by astronauts and walk on the feet of (almost) everyone

Nearly half a century after their creation, moon boots have gained traction again. The models are still scary.

Drawing is very popular for snow.

From the increase in the sale of Crocs to the launch of new versions of UGG’s ugly slippers, the last few months have opened the door to the return of some of the most controversial proposals in the footwear industry. Still not used to any of these models? Get ready, because the fashion world doesn’t stand still and there’s another controversial style going around.

The moon boots, also known as après-ski boots, are a kind of retro model to wear in the snow, which has gained traction again. However, more than half a century after its creation, the primary objective of design has been changing. As they have gained an aesthetic purpose, they are growing in popularity in countries without alpine scenery and where it rarely snows, such as Portugal.

In 1969, the boots were designed by the Italian Giancarlo Zanatta and left no one indifferent with their lunar yet comfortable appearance. The inspiration was precisely when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, leading the designer to create a model of shoes that were as advanced and appealing as the models used by astronauts.

They were introduced to the masses by Tecnica and were a phenomenon for the next two decades. The Louvre Museum, in Paris, includes the article in the list of 99 design objects that marked the 20th century. In the 2000s they were worn by Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton and appeared on the catwalks of Dior, Pucci and Marc Jacobs.

In 2023, thanks to the revival of the Y2K aesthetic, the scenario will be no different. Like the most unusual looks, celebrities and fashion giants have been the main drivers of style. And the streets follow suit, developing a non-ironic obsession with this model that keeps the thin, long laces and the bulky look as its main feature.

Dua Lipa was one of the names she not only used, but also posted on her Instagram page how design can complement a look — even without snow in the vicinity. In the image, the singer appears in a large auditorium in the days of preparation for the concerts of her world tour. She opted for the low top style, although the more classic, knee-length version remains the top seller.

In the fashion week shows, they were not only present in the collections — with Miu Miu, one of the brands of the year 2022, presenting their versions —, as they were entitled to some protagonism in street style and even on social networks. Influencer Pernille Teisbaek, for example, paired them with a faux fur coat and made them less frightening.

If you’re ready to invest in a pair, click through the gallery and discover NiT’s selection of moon boots (in various brands, colors and prices) and how many women are wearing them.

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They cost €27.90 at website of La Redoute.

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