Ashley Ann Cariño prevails with a design by Carlos Alberto in the preliminary competition

After the 84 candidates to win the title of Miss Universe 2022 they made their official presentation, the time has come where every step and every movement counts. The beauties took to the stage for the popular and highly anticipated bathing suit and evening gown shows.

Emily Austin, Wendy Fitzwilliam, Myrka Dellanos, Mara Martin, Kathleen Ventrella, and Olivia Jordanwere in charge of taking the points of the candidates in the preliminary competition that was held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The representative of Puerto Rico, Ashley Ann Carino Barretoshone this January 11 on the catwalk with a fuchsia pink swimsuit. The 28-year-old from Fajarde, one of the most applauded, was smiling, confident and even played with her dark brown hair to offer a memorable parade.

A few months ago, when Thai company JKN acquired the organization for $20 million, it provided beauty queens with capes that go over swimsuits to let their imagination run wild and personalize them. The Puerto Rican, according to wapa televisionwent to the Puerto Rican artist Isabela Melladowho made a colorful creation with the message “Be and let be”, inspired by the message “to be authentically you”.

Mellado, excited by the opportunity, set aside a space to thank. The artist expressed herself through her stories on the social network instagram.

“Thanks Yizette Cifredo and Ashley Ann Cariño for the opportunity. It was an honor to work on this project with you,” she stated.

The aerospace engineering student paraded in the fifth group of participants made up of the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Saint Lucia and Seychelles.

Captive by the hand of Carlos Alberto

The evening dress that Cariño Barreto wore for the preliminary competition was designed by the renowned Puerto Rican designer Charles Albert. The imposing piece of clothing made on “mesh” was embroidered by hand and has a neck of imperial royalty and a V-neckline. At the top, iridescent handcrafted arabesques stand out surrounded by tiny silver metals, framing her neck, bust and slender waist.

In turn, the local franchise reported in a press release, it is made with thousands of crystal beads and lines are joined in Swarovski litmus surrounded by silver beads, which managed to frame her toned figure.

Carlos Alberto’s creation culminates with a delicate tail. In fact, the renowned designer is in New Orleans together with the Miss Universe Puerto Rico team.

Through his stories, also on Instagram, he has published several photos while sharing with the director of the local franchise. A few minutes ago, she revealed the dress that Cariño Barreto just wore in “Big Easy”.

On this catwalk, the Puerto Rican beauty, in the same way, provoked the shouts and applause of the public. In the camera shots, the monostar also stood out as a sign of approval and celebration for the Fajardeña.

During tonight, the typical costume competition is also held where Cariño Barreto stands out for its emblematic trousseau. With the costumes, he pays homage to the Arecibo Radio Telescope, which for many years was a success for science and astronomy in Puerto Rico and the world. Therefore, as an aerospace engineering student, the queen wanted to present an innovative, futuristic and different costume. In addition, her trousseau was selected to participate in the Mardi Gras parade that took place last Friday, January 6.

The typical costume was designed and built by the Puerto Rican artist and mechanical engineer DJ KingArthur. The work has 42 pieces of biodegradable plastic designed and printed in 3D format, at an average of 2 printing days per piece, which together form and specifically represent the main reflector of the Arecibo Radio Telescope.

The suit includes a small screen on the chest from which an image of the Puerto Rican flag can be seen. On the back it has a hologram that projects images related to the Radio Telescope and the universe such as the galaxy, the first message transmitted, the faces of the Puerto Rican queens who obtained the title of Miss Universe and other personalities who have brought glory to the country. .

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