The match was fixed, the Poles asked Argentina to stop attacking Halftime

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The The wound is still open among the Mexican fans after the early elimination in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The team led by Gerardo Martino stayed in the Group Stage due to the goal difference against the Poles, which confirmed the failure in the Middle East.

Mexico and Poland came in urgent need of goals to be in the next round and despite the fact that Mexico scored a couple, they lacked one to have more goals in favor and with them advance to the Round of 16.

Nevertheless A revelation came to light that would cast doubt on the match between Argentina and the Águilas Blancassince the South Americans won 2-0, but scoring more goals would have benefited the Tri, but it was not like that.

Did Argentina help Poland?

Despite the fact that the Albiceleste dominated the match, after the 2-0 they lowered the intensity, so Said result gave the pass to the Europeans to the next roundwhere they were going to face France.

However, Nicolás Tagliafico announced that after they scored the second goal, the Poles approached ask them to stop attacking themsince they knew that if they allowed more goals they would be eliminated from Qatar 2022.

“After the first goal, the Poles didn’t want to play anymore. We did the second, I remember it was around 60′; At one point one (Polish) told me, as he could in Spanish: ‘don’t attack anymore’”, said the South American defender.

Check their statements

What if they scored more goals?

If they continued with that intensity and they had thrashed Poland, Mexico, with the victory against Saudi Arabia, was going to ensure they had better numbers than the Europeans, so they would have achieved their pass to the Round of 16, where they were going to collide against France.

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