Shakira delays her move to Miami until early summer

    Shakira’s plans were clear. The Colombian singer wanted to travel to Miami as soon as possible to start moving her family after having already signed the divorce agreement with Gerard Piqué. She was so clear about it that it was even a reason for the former couple to dig up the hatchet again and generate a new conflict between them for the custody of their children. However, now circumstances have changed the artist’s priorities forcing her to delay all her plans until, at least, the month of June as it has come out.

    This January 3 was the day marked in red on the calendar but the health of his father, 91-year-old William Mebarak, has taken a new turn. Apparently, the serious fall he suffered last spring continues to cause complications due to serious trauma that have caused him several incomes in these months.

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    In this way, Shakira has been forced to delay the trip, as reported by Laura Fa, Not being able to move to the end until the month of June when the children of the ex-couple, aged 9 and 7, finish school, to avoid disrupting the academic development of minors, and it is that this new relapse of their father has left him very little time to prepare the transfer before January 8.

    Due to this health problem, Shakira has insisted in recent months not to move alone but to take his parents with him to be able to be closer but he needs a medicalized plane for the transfer of Mr. Mebarak.

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