Between the sand, Karol G says goodbye to 2022 with a daring bikini

The last day of this 2022 has arrived and many celebrities have already shared emotional New Year’s Eve messages on their social networks addressed to their followers, fans and users in general, one of them has been Karol G, who from the sand by the sea modeled a tiny red bikini with which he thanked for the teachings that this “difficult” 2022 left himof which he has taken the best advantage and concluded it successfully.

“Thank you 2022 for how difficult you were, but even more so, for everything you taught me. Every day I feel different, I feel happier, stronger, calmer, loving myself very much and appreciating every little gift in life and that infinite love for part of you that I never lacked”, began the message of the Colombian, in which she assured having been through frustrations, tears and other things that “kept breaking up” your heart.

Karol G fell in love with her fans covered in sand. PHOTO: Instagram

I’ll take “dreams fulfilled”: Karol G

With great emotion, the famous singer highlighted that nowa keeps all the dreams that he was able to fulfill throughout these last 12 months and the accompaniment of all those special people who were an important part of his life process:

The Colombian has closed a successful year with great lessons for her. PHOTO: Instagram

I also have “dreams fulfilled, of endless smiles, of being able to visit the most incredible places I have ever known, and the wisdom of being able to say that I count the millions in health, family and good times and that no matter whatnot how, not when … Tomorrow will be beautiful, “concluded the Bichota.

As expected, it was only a matter of minutes for his post to go viral on networks and two hours after it was published, it already exceeds 1,800 “likes”, as well as hundreds of messages from his followers on Instagramincluding some celebrities from the show, film and television.

“La Bichota” has boasted her figure in networks. PHOTO: Instagram

The Mexican actress Ana Martin took the opportunity to also wish her a Happy New Year: “Beautiful. Happy New Year. May this year 2023 be one of many blessings for you queen”. Her countrywoman, the Colombian businesswoman and model Francia James, also took advantage of her post and dedicated a beautiful message to her: “Always swim against the current. Beautiful.”

Although in the publication Karol G did not specify the place where he was at that time, everything seems to indicate that he decided to spend the end of the year on the beaches of his native Colombia and, with all certainty, very close to her family and special beings, who have supported her and have driven her to close this 2022 with complete success.

Karol G moved his fans with his emotional message at the end of the year. PHOTO: Instagram


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