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At midnight on Sunday and while the celebrations for the consecration of Argentina in the World Cup continued, fans climbed the fence that surrounds the Obelisk -located in Buenos Aires-, entered the interior of the monument and proceeded to climb to the top.

While some limited themselves only to jumping and singing from inside the tourist attraction, located on Avenida 9 de Julio, others opted – without security measures – to climb the stairs of the Obelisk and continue the celebration near its top.

A television drone even managed to capture a fan of ‘La Scaloneta’ leaning on one of the faces that are formed in the small triangle that culminates with the Obelisk and with his feet resting on one of the spotlights that illuminate it.

The Obelisk, dyed blue and white

The street was a party without borders that lasted late into the night on Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday. In every corner of the city, and more than anything in downtown Buenos Aires, people celebrated with beer, national team shirts, foam pitchers and replicas of the World Cup.

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As evening fell, the fireworks began. The Obelisk projected Messi raising the Cup while balls flew through the sky and on top of the bus, there were more and more people.

Rows were formed that the people present respected, with the intention of accessing the preferential audience of the festivities. As explained by the ‘LN+’ chronicler Álvaro Norro from the venue, the fans did not stop praising ‘La Pulga’, Di María and also ‘Dibu’ Martínez.

Also minutes before 9 at night -Colombia time-, some fans released balloons in tribute to Diego Maradona. The emotion invaded, in fact, some of them. Anyway, the joy was immense. The cry “go ahead, champion” remained very strong.

Closer to dawn, the families and those who attended the celebration with minors made the determination to retire to their homes. That did not deprive the rest of the fans of ‘La Scaloneta’ to continue with the atmosphere of revelry and happiness.

Spotlights of celebration in other parts of Argentina

The collective festivities began immediately among the people who had been gathered since before 10 am -Colombian time- to watch the match on the four giant screens arranged in the Rosedal, Plaza Seeber, Parque de la Ciudad and Parque Centenario.

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Around 90,000 residents shared the final against France in Plaza Seeber and El Rosedal, in Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina); another 10,000 gathered in Centennial Park (located in the geographic center of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, between Díaz Vélez and Patricias avenues) and some 2,000 in the City Park (on Francisco Fernández de la Cruz avenue). , as reported by the Buenos Aires government.

In Rosario, the Monument to the Flag was filled from Córdoba avenue to the river. For their part, in Mar del Plata – a city located in the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires – hundreds of families enjoyed the meeting that culminated in the Argentine triumph on the beach, where the first scenes of popular passion broke out.

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As if that were not enough, in the Argentine Antarctic bases and Tierra del Fuego, euphoria also prevailed. In the Fuegian cities of Ushuaia, Tolhuin and Río Grande, residents and tourists took to the streets to celebrate with flags, hats and lots of songs.

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