This was the controversial comment that the footballer made about Lionel Messi after winning the World Cup

Sunday, December 18, was a magical night for Lionel Messi, as he managed to beat France with his team in the penalty shootout in the World Cup final in Qatar and consecrate the third world cup for the Albiceleste.

Many sports celebrities reacted on social networks to the important victory of the Argentine ten, and several praised the Argentine’s career as well as consolidating the last trophy that was missing in his long list of recognitions.

However, a footballer caused various reactions on social networks due to his comments about the Argentine, and it was the former Guatemalan soccer player Carlos “El Pescado” Ruiz.

The Guatemalan generated controversy this December 19 as he published a tweet congratulating Lionel Messi for the records obtained in the World Cup, but he stressed that the Argentine did not have a record that he did possess.

How great Messi, he has all the records. minus one“said “El Pescado Ruiz”, along with an emoji of a winking face and a Guatemalan flag.

The record that “El Pescado” alludes to is the achievement of having more goals scored with a national team in World Cup qualifiers, since the Guatemalan He has 39 goals scored with the Guatemalan national team.

Currently “El Pescado” holds that record above soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, who has scored 36 goals, and Lionel Messi himself, who has 28 goals scored.

The last match played by the Guatemalan in a World Cup competition was on September 6, 2016, when he faced Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Russia.


Carlos “El Pescado” Ruiz’s tweet generated divided opinions on social mediaOn the one hand, a group of people praised the record of the Guatemalan soccer player.

However, others criticized him and described him as “conceited”, noting that, although he has the record for the most goals in World Cup qualifiers. He has not obtained other achievements like those that Lionel Messi has achieved.

You were an excellent striker, but this is not necessary“, “Chapín pride, nobody takes away your credit“, “At the moment it is the record that matters least to Messi“, “Well deserved record Pescadito” Y “Messi will not be able to sleep because he does not have that record“, were some of the comments from users on social networks.

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