The rector of the University of Seville warns that the cut-off mark in Medicine can reach 14

In three years, the cut-off marks to access Medicine in Seville will rise to 14 and that, in addition to being a problem, “would not make sense.” The rector of the University of Seville, Miguel Ángel Castro, said this during the cloister session in which he took stock of his management for the year 2022.

In that session Castro has shown his concern due to the fact that as the university access system currently stands, the cut-off marks continue to rise. In fact, as he recalled, last July after the Selectividad tests, there were nine degrees with cut-off marks above 13. In the case of Medicine, to which Castro referred, last July, after the first award, the cut-off marks to access that faculty rose above 13.5 out of 14, causing many students to be left out of those studies.

Something that, as he said, although in the competitive field it can be positive, “has a limit.” That is why he said that it is necessarydo a review« of the university access system to change the rules of the game.


Because the linear trend that Medicine follows assumes that in three years the cut-off mark of 14 will be reached (the maximum that can be achieved now in Selectividad) “it would not make sense”.

For this reason, Castro has insisted on the need to review the access test model and has described as “positive” that the start-up of the new test has been postponed for another year that the government prepares.

In this sense, the rector defends the maintenance of a single test in the area of ​​the Andalusian Single District and has insisted on requesting that any modification of the exam be made by consensus and that he hopes that when the dialogue is resumed it will be done so that the approach be different from the initial one.

This warning from the rector about Medicine comes when in Seville the private, Loyola University, is waiting to obtain certification to be able to launch this degree on its Dos Hermanas campus.

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