Summary of the match América vs Toluca (2-0) GOALSHalftime

Nemesio Diez Stadium, Toluca. /

America has begun to take center stage in the Cup for Mexico thanks to the victory over Red Devils of Toluca at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, where a 2-0 It was enough for them to burn a scarlet team in Hell that does not find goals despite putting balls on the crossbar.

The Eagles They had no problem getting two goals in the first 45 minutes thanks to so many of Jonathan Rodriguez and Brian Rodriguezbesides that at 13 minutes Roger Martinez shook the crossbar with a long-distance shot, which the goalkeeper Gustavo Gutierrez he just kept looking.

This is how the duel progressed until the first goal of the Eagleswhich was a compliment to the good technique. little head rodriguez he scored on a swing without dropping the ball. It was not a powerful shot, but it was very placed, enough for the 1-0 against the goalkeeper gutierrez In absence of Volpi.

Indeed, Tiago Volpi is still undergoing treatment injury and he has not been summoned because the coaching staff does not want to risk him in this part of the preseason.

The little head rodriguez He was even able to increase his scoring quota because at 33 he sent a shot that had already beaten gutierrez by passing the ball under his legs, but a defender on the goal line prevented the goal.

What the scarlets could not avoid was the 2-0 thanks to a goal from brian rodriguez that in the area, and with power, he managed to send the ball to the nets at 34.

America He was the owner of the game until he was involved in an attempt to fight before the end of the first half when the defender Omar Rodriguez and Roger Martinez They were made of words and they pushed each other. It was an attempt in which they also participated Marcel Ruiz and Miguel Layún although there were no expulsions.

In this part of the match, the game was tense and it was a matter of a play for Pedro Aquino was expelled for a double reprimand. With one less man, the Eagles saw how Toluca he took over the party for long periods of time.

And it is that the Devils they also had their opportunities as the auction of the own Rodriguez that hit the crossbar or a shot on goal from Carlos Gonzalez at the start of the second half. But this time the ball did not want to enter.

Those who stood up for the scarlets were the fans who made a good entrance into the Nemesio Diez and they never stopped encouraging. Not even when he “Go Americ” took over the acoustics of the stadium, so they booed the cream-blue chant.

The last minutes were of scarlet pressure, but the damage had already been done and America he was left with the three points in dispute in this Cup for Mexicowhich seeks to win as the first trophy before the Closing 2023.

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