Scaloni, the DT who was not in anyone’s plans and surprised the world to sit at the table with Menotti and Bilardo

He took over as DT at the age of 40 and withstood criticism through his work force, rebuilding a group and assembling a team around Messi.

Now that sports betting is all the rage, a quick little game: imagine how much money the dreamer could have made after the shipwreck in Russia 2018 I bet a few mangoes for lionel scaloni as the DT that would lead Argentina to be world champion. Today he would be a millionaire.

This was written just under four years ago, on December 25, 2018: “Lionel Scaloni is an easy target for the millions of club associates who question everything. If at this point there are people who still lash out at Lionel Messiimagine what is left for this 40 year old man who has almost no experience as the main coach of a soccer team and who is now in the place that many dream of and almost no one agrees to: being DT of the National Team ”.

The note continues and concludes: “It is also valued that he has his feet on the ground and that, unlike many of his predecessors, he tends to decontract and desecrate his role as DT of the National Team. And, above all, his good sense. The The roadmap that was proposed for this 2019 shows that he is clear about what he wants to do from now until the Copa América, and it is also what any coach, with or without experience, would do. Another thing would be silly. That which is usually bought, almost blindly, by those associated with the club that questions everything”.

It was not known that any of this was going to happen. Third place in the 2019 Copa América was the springboard for something good to happen. The coronation in the Copa América 2021 was the first fruit of a sensible management and also the necessary click to understand that Messi was not going to leave the National Team without being able to smile. The Finalissima was the demonstration of the maturation of the team. And this World Cup, after the pineapple that was the defeat against Saudi Arabia, was the definitive leap towards eternity.

Because Messi He was decisive on the field, finding the small loopholes to demolish the rivals who paraded after that painful debut one by one. But scaloni and his coaching staff were the ones who put together the structure and the gears so that Leo could squeeze, as Jorge Valdano said, to the last drop of his wisdom at the service of this historic tournament.

The other day, in one of the long walks we had here in Qatar, a nice discussion broke out with colleagues and we played one of those little games that journalists usually do when we’re bored. That which is very close to “let’s talk without knowing”, but with a serious face as if we were discussing the most important issues in the world.

Is Scaloni up to the task? menotti and of billard? El Flaco, DT world champion in Argentina 1978, is responsible for the AFA giving him priority and putting on long pants at the organization level in the National Team. El Narigón, DT world champion in Mexico 86, was the one who knew how to get the most out of Maradona and put together an invincible team around him. Also, with a kind of Armada Brancaleone, he almost repeated in Italia 90 despite having a battered Diego. They are the two technical heroes in the history of Argentine soccer. And it seemed that there would be no place for a third party, for someone to discuss their place with them.

Until Scaloni appeared, without experience, without a tour, but armed with a common sense in technicians. Without vedettismo, with seriousness and with a group of collaborators in which capacity rules and not cronyism. With the support of the leadership and with an obedience of those directed that only highlights his virtues.

What is Scaloni’s hit? to have armed the containment network so that Messi, finally, would free himself from all his ghosts in light blue and white. But it is not the only hit, Scaloni gave people back their love for the National Team. When it seemed that nobody cared about the national team, when many had lost interest and chose to turn their backs on it, the DT handcrafted the Scaloneta. And La Scaloneta will remain in everyone’s memory as the team of a town that smiled again, like Messi, in light blue and white.

The most important of all. It is that this text would say almost all the same words if the coin fell on the side of France. It is that Scaloni, whatever he does in the future, left a legacy. The team ahead of everything. It is the only way to build and to silence the members of the club that questions everything.

From Qatar, special envoys

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