Saudi Arabia will seek a 2030 candidacy with Messi and Cristiano as banners

One of the most controversial World Cups in football history is over. The Argentine team was crowned world champion after defeating its French counterpart in the grand final, and now we will have to wait four years for the tournament that will take place in 2026 in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

While Lionel Messi said goodbye to what was perhaps his last World Cup with the World CupCristiano Ronaldo left early after Portugal’s quarter-final elimination at the hands of Morocco.

Now, both could return in a new facet, as ambassadors to motivate a Saudi Arabian bid for the 2030 World Cup. “There are only two things that can unite Ronaldo and Messi”said Simon Chadwick, professor of sport and geopolitical economics at SKEMA Business School in Paris, in a Zoom interview. “One is Louis Vuitton. And the other is Saudi Arabia.”

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The role of Messi and Cristiano in the candidacy

Before Portugal’s elimination from Qatar 2022, international media talked about a millionaire offer from Saudi Arabia by Christian. The figure that was managed was more than $350 million dollars for the next three years.

Ronaldo was left without a team after Manchester United terminated the Portuguese’s contract for the criticism he made during an interview with Piers Morgan towards the club and the Dutch coach, Erik Ten Hag.

In May, Messi signed a deal to promote Saudi Arabia, and within months, the country began hinting at its 2030 candidacy., and the hints got stronger every week. Tourism Minister Ahmed Al Khateeb said Saudi Arabia is considering a bid with Greece and Egypt.

It will be in 2024 when FIFA will announce the venue for the 2030 World Cupwhere Uruguay and Argentina also gain strength to be the organizers of the World Cup in that year.

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