Palliative Care: multiprofessional diploma for health workers

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

In a context of gradual aging of the population and an increase in the prevalence of progressive chronic diseases, as well as people with multiple pathologies and dependency, improve the palliative care in Spain has been established as one of the great challenges of Ministry of Health. So much so that, to promote the qualification, training and education of health professionals, the department of Carolina Darias will develop the Palliative Care Multiprofessional Diploma to accredit advanced skills at this level of care. This is confirmed by ministerial sources Medical Writingwho maintain that, at this time, the body is working on the implementation of this certificate.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health has shared this Monday with the autonomous communities, within the framework of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (Cisns), its ‘Evaluation Report of the Palliative Care Strategy of the National Health System 2015-2019’in which the specific Strategy, Plan or Program in Aliative Care available to the autonomous communities is monitored.

In addition, in this document, which this newspaper advanced, the main challenges that health systems will have to face in the short term are summarized in seven, among which stands out the need to homogenization of care and assistance in Spaina, as well as promoting research in this field.

In this sense, in order to achieve planning by the health authorities of the different territories, the experts consider it essential to take into account, in addition to the mortality and prevalence figures, demographic aspects and data on the resolution capacity of existing resourceswhich can condition the healthcare and social healthcare organization model.

Palliative Care in Medicine Course

Among these seven recommendations is the one related to the incorporation of this discipline “to university and specific training”. However, the experts emphasize in this analysis that all the autonomous communities have developed some initiative, action, specific training plan in Palliative Care for health professionals, promoting basic and intermediate training in Palliative Care.

This training is considered by Health as “fundamental” to improve the skills of Primary and Hospital Care professionals, as well as to identify patients with palliative care needs, for which reason it is committed to continue to stimulate the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in this care coverage.

Although it may contain statements, data or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in Redacción Médica is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend to the reader that any health-related questions be consulted with a health professional.

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