Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope for the week of December 19 to 23

the astrologer Mhoni Vidente gave the horoscopes for the week of December 19 to 23 for his followers in Youtube. Starting early this Monday, the pythoness warned about what awaits each sign. These days are marked by the reading of the tarot, archangel and luck cards. Mhoni also revealed what needs to be done to end the month with abundance.

It is time to leave that heaviness and bad character that you have dragged along for the last few weeks. In this you must close chapters on personal issues, loving and working. There will be many changes for this week; Your best day will be Tuesday.

Mhoni Vidente shares this week’s horoscopes

Your best day of the week is this Monday, a wonderful time to specify your work plans and family plans. You will have a positive week and, above all, you will be very well in terms of health. There will be problems in your love situation because you don’t spend enough time on it.

There is a protective angel behind you and it will help you to remove all the bad vibes. Try to move on in love matters. It is your week to mature and the best day will be Wednesday. Someone will come to you, and if you already have a partner, it could be that they are ready for marriage. Give yourself permission to be happy.

Focus this week, analyze everything you’ve done this year and what you haven’t. You have to be consecutive with your plans, don’t get bored or get tired. Try to study because it is important for your plans for the following year. Prosperity will come to you.

It will be seven days of abundance and economic surprises. You have to analyze what you went through this year so as not to fall into the same thing. They propose you to live with your partner or in a serious relationship. Also There will be recognitions, but you will have to take care of your weak points.

This Monday is your best day; seize it. Money will come to you and you will be able to pay debts. For this week, it will be crucial to take inventory of the bad and the good that you have done. Anger is not an option these days. You are at your best moment of motivation.

This Christmas week try not to load negative things; start to grow. You will have complete balance with your partner and you will be forced to clarify the sentimental situation. Abundance, stability and health will be present. It is time to leave negative situations in the past. Every time you wake up, do it with encouragement.

You have not been able to sleep, forgive yourself this week. Take advantage and try to be at peace; Go for a walk in the morning and clear yourself up a bit to heal negative energies. You deserve it. Labor issues will end very well this year.

You are in the moment of growth and looking at what you will do next year. Your best day will be this Tuesday. In love, they will look for you from the past to give you something, be careful. An economic reward is coming and travel plans will arrive. Remember: the most important thing is to forgive.

Mhoni Vidente reveals the horoscopes for this week
Mhoni Vidente reveals the horoscopes for this weekYouTube/@CanalOficial Mhonividente

This is your era, you are in your stage to end the year and start the next. However, you have to control your impulses. In love, learn to let go to receive: change your attitude and thoughts to start growing. Make an analysis of everything you went through so that you can achieve it in the next year. This week, luck is yours.

It is a crucial week for you. You have to have plans and visualize yourself in your desires. You are managing to grow in economic matters, give yourself moments of tranquility and indulge yourself with a gift. It will be a week of reconciliation and you will have to reflect on who you really love and who you don’t.

This week you will be the center of everything. However, you have to take care of your health because you are in a fragile moment. It is a good time to give and offer. Try to continue your studies, it is important these days. In love, you have to be happy; Keep toxic people away.

Magic numbers: 10-44


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