Messi: who is Antonia Farías, the woman who hugged him at the World Cup – Qatar 2022 World Cup

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 ended with the victory of Argentina, team and title with which Lionel Messi says goodbye to his football career after decades of successfor which some refer to him as ‘the best player in history’.

After the match against France, several images went around the world: the first, of course, corresponds to the moment in which the 10th of that team receives the trophy, which was designed in 1970 by Italian Silvio Gazzanigaand share it with your peers.

Another could be Messi celebrating the victory with his family, especially Antonella Roccuzzo, with whom he married in 2017, despite knowing each other since they were children.

The Argentine could not contain her tears and joined Messi in a hug that seemed eternal.

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But there was another moment that moved the footballer’s followers: when he saw ‘his mother’, according to some portals.

Who was the woman Messi hugged?

To the surprise of many, it was not about Mrs. Celia Maria Cuccittiniwho has closely followed his son’s career and, in fact, was also present.

His mother is the person posing to the right of Messi.


Instagram: @leomessi

However, she had a different design of the Argentina shirt and also another hairstyle and haircut.

It is then revealed that the woman is Antonia Farías, who has worked as a cook for the national team for 10 years and has become part of the family.

“Antonia is part of the staff that accompanies the team everywhere. She has a very close bond with the players and she knows all the likes of her. That’s why there’s never a lack of Neapolitan-style Milanese after each game”, indicates ‘Todo Noticias’, an Argentine media outlet.

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The players consider Farías, 42, a talisman for the team, and that is why he accompanies them wherever they go. She has not missed any of the world cups that have occurred during her time in the squad and she is already considered ‘a mother’.

In the middle, Antonia Farías.

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