Meghan Markle: the outrage in the United Kingdom over a column by the presenter Jeremy Clarkson about Prince Harry’s wife that was described as “disgusting”

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Jeremy Clarkson

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Jeremy Clarkson is a British television presenter.

Known for his controversial comments, which have even caused diplomatic protests in the past, British television presenter Jeremy Clarkson is once again at the center of controversy.

This time it has been for a column that he signed in the British tabloid the sun last Friday in which he talked about what he feels about meghan marklethe wife of prince harry.

In it, he stated that the “I hated with each cell (at a cellular level) and even more than an infamous British serial killer and said, in a reference to the “Game of Thrones” series, that he would like to see her beaten up in public.

“That she paraded naked through the streets of every town in Britain, while the crowds yelled ‘Shame!’ and they throw loads of excrement at it,” Clarkson wrote in her caption.

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