Martino sold Mexico vs Argentina, FIFA makes the punishment of Tri official

Mexican team punished by FIFA
Mexican team punished by FIFA

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will remain in the memory of all Mexican fans as one of the worst performances of the Tri, since Mexico had not been eliminated in the group stage for more than 40 years, specifically since Argentina 1978.

One of the main people responsible for the failure of El Tri is undoubtedly Gerardo Martino who for many fans completely sold out the Mexican team and especially the match against Argentina that in the end was the one that ended up defining the elimination of the Mexican team from the World Cup.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

He was the only DT to beat Argentina in the World Cup, he says yes to the official Tri
The DT that Televisa wants to impose on El Tri, has already started the campaign, it is not Miguel Herrera

After what happened with El Tri in Qatar, Gerardo Martino immediately stopped being the coach of the Mexican team and left, but just one day after the World Cup ended, Mexico will receive punishment from FIFA and pay the consequences.

FIFA’s punishment of Mexico.

In the absence of an official statement, Mexico will be punished by FIFA dropping several places in the ranking of selections for his lousy performance in Qatar, now it will occupy the 15th place and surprisingly it will have the United States above it, something that could affect the Tri in the face of 2026 when it comes to looking for good-level rivals for its preparation.

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