Juan Soto talks about the possibility of playing with Licey

The San Diego Padres outfielder, Juan Soto, clarified this Sunday that he has not yet set a date to play with the Tigres del Licey and, although he does not rule out wearing the blue team uniform, his permission is still under negotiation.

“Until now we do not have that information, we are trying to see if it is possible to play with the Tigres del Licey, but first you have to have the permission of the team and its staff, as well as wait until I am fit to play” Soto said.

The slugger assured that the permission can be granted at any time, but before starting to play, the Padres medical team has to certify that Soto’s conditions are optimal.

In addition, he said that he is not yet in shape to enter the field of play.

“Maybe the team will give me permission tomorrow, but they have to make sure that I am at 100 percent and that I feel good and healthy. So far I feel good, but I’m not ready to enter the field of play”, said the young baseball player.

Negotiations with the Licey

It is recalled that last Friday the general manager of the Tigres del Licey team, Audo Vicente, clarified that the participation of the star Major League Baseball (MLB) player with the team was not yet certain. capital.

“We have spoken with San Diego, and we hope that they give us the go-ahead, but also that they send us their game plan for Soto. In other words, what do they want from the player, if he can play every day, what aspects should he work on, etc. ”, Audo Vicente said at the time.

The general manager also let it be known that Soto had been practicing, but that Licey was waiting for the yes from San Diego and what they want from the Dominican player.

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