Hold your breath before you see how Marco Antonio Solís and his wife looked 20 years ago on their wedding day

Marco Antonio Solís is undoubtedly a world-renowned Mexican singer-songwriter since the artist was the founder of the musical group Los Bukis, along with his cousin. the husband of Cristy Solis He was the vocalist, musician, producer and author of the songs of the group, which sadly dissolved. christy It is not only her beauty, but she is the adventure companion of mark antony when he’s on tour, as well as being the financial mastermind behind the brand”Marco Antonio Solis“; besides, she is quite a figure in social media.

The 62-year-old artist is currently very popular in the social media where he usually shares videos and images with his wife, Cristy Solís. “Los Bukis” managed to bear the name of Marco Antonio Solis to the top since they were nominated several times for the Grammy Awards and Billboard’s Lo Nuestro Awards.

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