Friends and fans arrive in Río Piedras to say goodbye to Lalo Rodríguez

The citizen Raymond Aguilar, from Cupey, was one of the first people to arrive this morning at the Ehret Funeral Home, in Río Piedras, before they opened the doors of the funeral chapel, where the remains of the deceased singer and composer lie. lalo rodriguez.

He was waiting in line with dozens of people, with a portable speaker in hand, while the song “You don’t know how to want” was heard in the voice of the salsa singer, the resident of the Paseo Las Curías sector narrated the moment he found out about the death , who compared the physical departure of the singer as if he were a relative. “I was painting and I got stuck. He couldn’t believe the way he passed, he didn’t deserve the way he left. His music meant history to me. Unfortunately, we are running out of salseros, ”he said ruefully.

Shortly after 11:00 in the morning, the doors of the chapel were opened so that friends and fans could say goodbye to the artist, who passed away last Wednesday, December 13, in the Sabana Abajo public residence.from Carolina, in a scene described as unfortunate and heartbreaking.

Family, friends and fans come to say goodbye to Lalo Rodríguez
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Funeral services are held at the Ehret Funeral Home, in Río Piedras

Around the white coffin -covered by the monostar and a floral arrangement of white roses with some decorative musical elements- were his four children Linda, Jeramel, José Juan and Yariel, his two grandchildren, as well as his ex-wife Wanda Torres. , who gave an honor guard to the interpreter nicknamed “Carolina Canary”, which ended with resounding applause.

to extremes, Framed photographs of the singer of “Come, Devour Me Again” set the scene in the chapel, as well as their musical hits are heard through the speakers. To bid farewell to Ubaldo Rodríguez Santos, the artist’s full name, there were also salsa singer Jerry Rivera and singer Ángel Pérez, known as “Papito El Bello”.

It was expected that at 2:00 pm the singer Samuel Hernández would perform a religious act and at 4:00 pm the musical director Simón Rivera would appear with his orchestra, with which Álex D’Castro and Joey Hernández will sing. At 5:00 pm, the pastor and singer D ‘Castro will offer a religious service, since in addition to being a musical colleague he is also part of the congregation that Rodríguez attended. Then, the Ricardo Marrero orchestra will offer a concert in which they will sing the hits of the late 64-year-old singer-songwriter.

Among other citizens present, Juan Rijos, from Carolina, drew attention, who brought with him several LP records from the beginning of Rodríguez’s musical career, including “Nuevamente Lalo”, the album by Tommy Olivencia with Lalo Rodríguez and Simón Pérez. , as well as the album “The Sun of Latin Music”, by Eddie Palmieri, with which he made his debut at the age of 16, and became the first salsa record to win an Anglo-Saxon Grammy Award.

The family spokesman, Fidel Estrada, reported that there was a change in the itinerary of Tomorrow Tuesday, and it will be at 10:00 am that the municipality of Carolina, the town where the singer was born, will receive the remains of Rodríguez in the public square. In the morning, the priest and parish priest of the San Fernando church will address the attendees for a spiritual service. The Tommy Olivencia Orchestradirected by his son, will pay a musical tribute with Rodríguez’s repertoire. at 1:00 p.m. the funeral procession will depart for the Santa Cruz Cemetery in Carolinawhere he will be received with a plena by the Zaperoko group, for the Funeral scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

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