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Monday December 19, 2022

harry and meghan announced today that they will premiere another documentary. “Harry & Meghan”, the docuseries premiered on Netflix and from that moment it brought controversy because they talked about life in royalty, their decision to move away and pointed against the crown.

Netflix released the trailer for this new work produced by the ‘royals’. It is called “Live to lead” and it is a docuseries in which address the work of big names linked to politics, social and humanitarian actions.

The duke of sussex appears in this advance in the foreground pointing out as his first inspiration that of the South African Nelson Mandela: “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived it.” The duchess she picks up her words and in another close-up she continues her husband’s phrase: “but the difference we create in the lives of others.” It will be released on December 31.

This documentary will be narrated by harry and meghan. He wanted to reveal to the world “people who have made courageous decisions in many ways and who have raised their voices for positive change for all of humanity, to inspire the rest of us to live and lead.”

In the first images appear international personalities such as the jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg; the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg; New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern; and renowned feminist Gloria Steinem.

The Archie and Lilibet’s parents signed a contract with Netflix for 100 million dollars to make various content. On this occasion, they will show the humanitarian work they have been carrying out for years. They recently received an important award in New York to honor their fight against racism and in favor of mental health.

Apart from the audiovisual projects, on January 10, “Spare”, the biography of Prince Harry, will go on sale. Further revelations about his relationship with the Windsor family are expected to be released, if that is possible.


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