Ángela Aguilar: these are her Argentine origins that the “Princess of the Mexican regional” boasts so much

The ranchera music singer Ángela Aguilar was criticized on social networks for one of the comments she made, because with a series of photographs where she is wearing an outfit with the colors of the winning flag, the “Princess of the Mexican regional” celebrated the triumph from Argentina in the soccer World Cup and assured that he has 25 percent of that nationality.

The online audience did not take the comment of the interpreter of “Really”“There where they see me” and “Tell me how you want”, because they labeled it “ridiculous” and “other people’s grief”, although many questioned the true origins of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar.

Ángela Aguilar pointed out that she has 25 percent Argentine blood because her maternal grandmother is from that country, as well as her mother aneliz alvarezAlthough he was born in Texas, he spent much of his life there. “I can’t explain it to you, because you won’t understand 25% Argentina, 100% proud today, we are all more celestial than the sky,” said the 19-year-old


Given the wave of attacks he received on his publication, Angela Aguilar He did not answer anything about it, but the one who did was Pepe Aguilar, and he replied to several of the netizens about what they were saying to his daughter and invited people to get away from stereotypes and bad vibes.

But Ángela was not the only one who uploaded something regarding the World Cup, aneliz alvarez He also uploaded a selfie where they appear with another girl and writes: “We are the most Mexican Argentines, happy to be with you anywhere!” He said and also had some questions about his descendants.


Who is Ángela Aguilar’s maternal grandmother?

The singer is not only popular for being the granddaughter of Flor Silvestre and Don Antonio Aguilardon grades of cinema and music in Mexico, his grandmother whom he affectionately calls “Ta” is Eva Mendoza, she is 80 years old and although she is not in the entertainment industry, she only occasionally appears on camera with her famous relatives .

It should be remembered that aneliz alvarez Y Pepe Aguilar They make up one of the most stable couples in the Mexican regional, although she is away from the microphones, she does maintain a working relationship in the celebrity company, she is in charge of what happens below the stage and of some of the events where they are presented.

Eva Mendoza, is 80 years old. FB/angela_aguilar_

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“Ridiculous”: Ángela Aguilar is harassed for saying that she is 25% Argentine, after the World Cup final

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