Aida Cortés surprised everyone with such a daring gesture for Messi | PHOTOS

It was enough for Argentina to give the match of the century against the France team in Qatar 2022for what IThe beautiful Colombian Aida Cortés will give away one of the most daring gestures for Messi and company, in gratitude for not disappointing South America and winning the World Cup. The young content creator He gave away a series of very daring photos wearing the Argentina shirt and a small swimsuitin the elegant black color.

This year Aida Cortés was rated as the best paid in the South American region for her quality content on platforms like Instagram, OnlyFans and on TikTok videos. And despite the fact that the Colombian National Team did not qualify for Qatar 2022, Aida Cortés knew how to love soccer and support all the teams that played on behalf of the American continent. With photos and videos wearing soccer jerseys she was like the young woman won the heart of the World Cup.

Aida loves to dance. Photo: TikTok @aidacortesx

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Aida Cortés sent a gesture of support for Argentina

The tremendous photo of Aida Cortés left her millions of loyal fans with their mouths open. The cute and flirtatious face of her wearing the shirt of the Argentina national teamsimilar to the design with which he conquered Maradona the World Cup in Mexico 86conquered everyone’s eyes, who did not hesitate to launch comments celebrating her beauty, hearts poured out on Instagram and what to say the emojis flames. Thank you Aida for such a nice gesture!

Aida confessed to being a soccer fan. Photo: Instagram @aidacortesll_

This nice gesture on Instagram managed to crown Aida Cortes with 4 million followers on that social network. On TikTok, her not inconsiderable 1.5 million loyal fans generate millions of reactions and go viral almost all the videos that the beautiful Colombian publishes.

Aida is one of the most beautiful on TikTok. Photo: TikTok @aidacortesx


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