Who is the woman with whom Messi melted into an emotional hug after becoming world champion?

There were only wild festivities in the center of the playing field of the Lusail Stadium. Everyone wanted to contain Lionel Messi. And there she appeared, excited. With a bear hug, the cook of the National Team, Antonia Farías, did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate the Argentine captain for the consecration as Qatar 2022 World Cup champion. It was not the first time that he had given himself this luxury: he had already embraced in the Copa América, which Argentina won in Brazil, and in the match won against Italy by the Finalissima.

Antonia jumped onto the grass and as soon as she saw 10, she took him from behind. Immediately, turning around, Messi was entwined with the woman in an emotional hug from the heart and with a gesture of joy on her face. The woman cried with happiness as she whispered a few words in her ear.

Farías, who has been one of the main cooks on the premises of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) for about a decade, already knows about festivities, although not of such magnitude.

The woman was also in Brazil in 2021 when the National Team won the Copa América after beating the locals 1-0, and in the middle of this year, when Argentina won the Finalissima (the Conmebol-UEFA Champions Cup 2022).

The 42-year-old chef is a native of Fortín Olmos, a commune in the Vera department in the province of Santa Fe. She is very loved on the campus and that was reflected in the hug with Messi.

In 2018, during the World Cup that was held in Russia, she was one of the protagonists of the birthday celebrations that took place that month during the concentration. Just as the team celebrated the birth day of Lio and the youthful Nehuén Pérez, there was also a cake for Antonia during the competition.

A dinner designed for champions

After the victory against France, the albiceleste team enjoyed a well-deserved dinner that reminded them of their country: there were French fries, fried eggs and Milanese for everyone. And, how could it be otherwise, the World Cup was the center of attention.

The goalkeeper Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez shared a screenshot on his Instagram account in which he can see the Cup in the background and on his plate the very “argenta” food. On the other hand, Paulo Dybala joined the unique moment and titled it: “Romantic dinner”.

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