Whistles for Mbappé and Infantino; Argentina made a corridor for France

The Frenchman, even so, raised his hands in triumph, after scoring three goals in the final

There were whistles for the FIFA president, Gianni Infantinoand the star player of France, kylian mbappewhen they went to the podium, during the trophy delivery ceremony, in the final of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Just as the local sound announced Infantino, the fans at Lusail Stadium began to whistle. The same situation had happened in the match for third place, when the president of the FIFA appeared to present his medal to the Croatian team.

to forward kylian mbappe the majority of the followers of Argentinaat the moment that the French soccer player climbed to the podium to receive the trophy for the top scorer of the World Cup 2022.

The Frenchman, even so, raised his hands in triumph, after scoring three goals in the final against Argentina and end up as one of the figures in the World Cup 2022.

By the time the team France was going up to receive his second place medal, the team from Argentina He decided to make a corridor for those led by Didier Deschamps. All the players of the team led by Lionel Messi applauded the Europeans, who fought for the title until the penalty shootout.

mbappe he was the only player of a nationality other than Argentina to receive a trophy for his individual achievements. The rest of the recognitions were won by Martínez, as the best goalkeeper (Gold Glove), Enzo Fernández, as the best youth player, and Lionel Messi, as the Golden Ball.

Once the game is over, all the players of Argentina began to celebrate on the pitch of the Lusail Stadium with their families, while those selected from France They retreated to the dressing rooms.

Argentina He achieved his third world title by beating France in the penalty shootout (4-2) after extra time ended with a 3-3 tie and returned to South America the universal scepter, which it had not held since Brazil beat Germany in the decisive match of South Korea/Japan 2002.

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