Upright and looking ahead, the formula to face the day with enthusiasm

Experts affirm that to get out of states of sadness requires one’s own determination. improve the feeding with healthy products, doing sports to stimulate the generation of endorphins and doing social activities are some of the strategies that can completely transform the way we see reality. However, for years, neuroscience has studied how the brain relates to the rest of the organs interacting to deal with problems.

Mario Alonso Puiga physician and motivation expert stated in a conference: «The mind and the body are linked, and everything that affects one, affects the other» and added «if you think that you are not good at something, the brain can modify and make that your body is not able to solve the problems that you face.

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The keys to face the day

The attitude towards life is important and the posture of the body – upright and with the gaze forward – is essential to face any problem.

Thus, the doctor and international coach gives the postural keys to face the day positively: “Our brain is reading our posture. A person who looks down at the ground and slumped shoulders represents a dejected person and the brain, faced with this posture, generates feelings of impotence and hopelessness, feelings that no one wants» and adds: «That’s why remember: shoulders upback and down; pigeon chest; look ahead and a wide smile. With that we will favor illusion, serenity and confidence and we will embrace the new day in a different way”.

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