Today’s horoscope, December 19, 2022, of all the zodiac signs

In it horoscope todayMonday December 19, Jupiter who has been in October Pisces says goodbye to this sign and suggests you keep the good experiences of this influence, close a cycle of your life so that tomorrow you can start a new one.


Today Jupiter will let you know that today is the last day that it passes through Aquarius and it will be convenient for you to rescue the most positive thing that you have experienced since October, since you went through moments of great sensitivity and instability.

But since you have also managed to find inner peace, your order, mental tranquility and the good feeling of looking around you and seeing that, despite the obstacles, you have remained strong.

It will be important and convenient for you to become aware of all your efforts and your willpower and integrate it to value yourself even more and take advantage of the good cycle that you will start tomorrow.

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Jupiter, the planet that activates your prosperity and good luck, will say goodbye to Pisces today. At this time, it is essential that you integrate within yourself the reasons why you stood out this year at work; For example, efficiency.

But, also, the power of attraction that you learned to have to group people, organize them and work together on commercial projects.

It is now when the Universe suggests that you incorporate this and, in this way, have more security in yourself for the beginning of a new and different work stage in which you will put aside your ego to function better with those around you.

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Today will be the last day that Jupiter will pass through Pisces and, as this is the planet that activates your good luck and prosperity, it will be very important that you keep in your memory how you used these synchronicities this year.

Especially, in your profession when you received the help of the universe to generate an environment of positive vibrations and thus reach the best agreements and obtain triumphs.

Also when you have had to give a motivating message and show your support to your co-workers. Take these experiences and incorporate them to continue using them in the immediate future and expand your area of ​​influence.

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In recent months, Jupiter has been activating your interest in learning about politics and economics. Also for knowing what is happening in the world to be able to better prevent and plan your future.

In this time, you will have searched more on the internet on the mentioned topics and this made you understand that you are at the beginning of a change of era for humanity.

According to this, you must adapt to changes for your personal growth and evolution. Such an experience of overcoming is what you must integrate to build your best future when tomorrow the aforementioned planet changes sign.

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In recent months, and up to today, Jupiter, associated with emotional expansion, has been moving through the area of ​​your intimate and sexual relationships. This is the same sector where you keep the emotions that the presence or absence of a person produces in you.

With this influence in the horoscope, the mentioned planet has made you aware of the strong need for union that you have with that person and has motivated you to express it.

Integrate this experience, value the other, your relationship and all the energy that you mutually put into it, because tomorrow you will already have another influence from the aforementioned planet.

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Today is the last day that Jupiter passes through the area of ​​the couple and friends after having visited it in the previous months. The mentioned planet, related to happiness, has taught you in the mentioned time to take more care of your friends and not leave greetings or interest in them postponed.

Since you have already understood that it is not worth postponing your personal life, it is this experience that you must keep within yourself and continue applying it when the Jupiterian influence ends tomorrow. Also prepare a bottle of self-love to find peace and happiness within your heart.

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You are the sign that takes the most care of personal grooming and Jupiter has been passing through this sector of your horoscope for months.

Today will be the last day of this tour and that is why it is good that you reaffirm your behavior and attitudes of this last time; for example, protect your body more, integrate the learning of its care and improve your interaction with your body.

Also, surely, you have improved your nutrition to make it healthier and it is time for you to assume it as part of your habits. Integrate these experiences to be able to enjoy other Jupiterian situations tomorrow.

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To make your life one of continuous improvement, it is important that every time a planet passes through a sign, you listen to what the Universe wants to tell you and teach you.

Today Jupiter ends its journey through the sign Pisces and, although your priorities generally focus on acquiring more money, with the aforementioned influence you have also learned to enjoy each day of your life and value everything you have achieved.

For example, the space or the house in which you live, enjoying a good meal with the family or sharing a trip. It is these Jupiterian customs that you should not lose.

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During the last few months Jupiter, associated with good luck, has been passing through the sign of Pisces and today is the last day of its influence. As he says goodbye, he will remind you that it is essential that you integrate the constant care of your family into yourself and that you be in contact with them every day to give them happiness and gratitude.

The Universe will also make you learn that the heart stays alive with the ties of friends, but also with family members. Therefore, show them your unconditional love. If you’ve had differences, don’t stay angry with anyone and build healthy relationships with them.

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Since Jupiter, a planet related to the expansion of love, entered Pisces in recent months, your need for union and finding a partner has increased in you. But if you already have it, then you feel that it is time to make the commitment to strengthen it and increase its eroticism and desire.

For this purpose, you have been reviewing the concept you have of love and have decided to add more sentimental values ​​and principles such as respect, fidelity and sincerity to have higher relationships. This new appreciation of love is what you must integrate into yourself to start a better cycle starting tomorrow.

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For several months now, Jupiter, a planet associated with economic security, has been activating issues related to your values ​​and finances. As today is the last day of this influence, the Universe recommends that you recognize within yourself everything that you have overcome and achieved materially.

This will give you more confidence in everything you can create and thus you will enjoy everything with more joy. Observe what surrounds you, everything that you have been acquiring over time and integrate all of this as your successes. Then propose new goals and do the ritual to fulfill your purposes and achieve your goals this 2023.

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In recent months, Jupiter, which represents good luck and prosperity, is passing through your sign so that you can enhance your well-being even more, improve your health, pamper your body and dedicate yourself more to its care and attractiveness.

As today is the last day of this influence, it is good that you integrate that experience and continue taking care of yourself and fixing yourself, since it is a way to continue increasing your self-esteem, magnetism and personal love. But, also, integrate into you the reasons you have to be well and value yourself more every day, and maintain it over time.

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