The two Club América goalkeepers are confirmed for the Clausura 2023 tournament

Monday, December 19, 2022

The America club He has some areas of the field that he has not been able to reinforce and that are the most important for the next tournament Closing 2023, but given the situation of a possible exit from Guillermo OchoaGiven the late renewal of the goalkeeper, getting the two goalkeepers who will be in the season has been quite a challenge.

The decision of Memo’s continuity was in his hands, so the team had already made him an offer. The World Cup passed and things were not decided as quickly as expected, thus giving time for other decisions to be made. On the one hand, there was the possible departure of Ochoa and on the other, the continuity of Oscar Jimenez.

Who will be the goalkeepers of Club América?

Although the latter played the preseason games, it is also important to mention that he hoped to be included in the team and that in the event that Memo left to occupy that position, but the answer was given and Ochoa was renewed, so Jiménez decided to look for a new offer you found in xolos.

Given this, the decision of the Azulcrema board of directors is that for this tournament Luis Angel Malagonfrom Necaxa be the substitute for the Eagles thinking about a future in the goal, giving him a contract for four years, while the renewal of Guillermo Ochoa for a couple more years, both being chosen.

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