The promise why Pope Francis did not see the final match of the World Cup (and his message to the winners)

Francisco promotes the first women's soccer match

Francisco promotes the first women’s soccer match

ROMA.- He suffered like everyone else, because they were telling him how the match was going. And in the end he celebrated and messages of congratulations began to reach him, like all the Argentines who live in Rome. But the Pope did not see the infamous Argentina-France final. As is well known and as he himself revealed years ago, In July 1990, he made a promise to the Virgen del Carmen that he would not watch television anymore.. Promise that he kept to the letter this time too, far from that movie image the two popes from Netflix, fiction in which he was seen with Benedict XVI watching Argentina against Germany. Pope, San Lorenzo fanusually informed of their results by Swiss guards and other collaborators of the residence of Santa Marta, as surely happened today with the final.

On the day of the victory of the third World Cup for the National Team, however, the Pope, who turned 86 yesterdayin a television interview with the Italian channel 5 –recorded before the Argentina-France duel– which was broadcast after 20 locals, talked about the final and left important definitions.

“Everyone congratulates the winners. May they live it humbly. And to those who don’t win, live it with joy because the greatest value is not winning or not winning, it’s playing fair, playing well.”said.

“May you both have the courage to shake hands. When I see the end of a match in which they don’t shake hands… We –I’m talking about the year ’46– used to go to the field every Sunday with mom and dad, all together. And there the ugliest word that was heard for the referee was ‘sold’, but then the game ended and they shook hands. That savoir-faire sport, right? Sport makes you more noble, it makes you noble also made with a rag ball”he added.

“We have to make the sportsmanship grow and I hope that this world championship will help to retake the sportsmanship, which makes you noble”, he concluded.


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