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Since Germany 2006 we have not seen one of the most iconic pairs of Mexican sports television together, until this Sunday the reunion of José Ramón Fernández with El Güiri-Güirileaving a moment full of nostalgia for those who followed them from their years on TV Azteca.

The Qatar Grand Final 2022 was the perfect excuse for The Hooligan will visit Joserrahis archenemesis who made him suffer unspeakably in World Cups and Olympic Games, reliving old times now in ESPN in the last World Cup edition of Spicy Soccer.

David Faitelson, Roberto Gómez Junco, Rafael Puente, Juan Carlos Osorio and Hugo Sánchez shared the discussion table with Fernández when they fled when they heard an alarm in the studio, giving rise to the comedian’s presentation Andres Bustamante with his most destructive character.

The Hooligan on ESPN

Just like in the old days, The Hooligan gave José Ramón a “godmother”. This time he taped him to a chair, sprayed foam on his face and suit, as well as taking him for a “walk around Qatar” to do some mischief, the latter actually in a duffel bag and a lookalike of the veteran communicator. , who “is no longer up for these jogs”.

Why does the Hooligan always hit José Ramón?

In the World Cup in Italy 90 we saw for the first time the character of the hooligan on Imevisión (now TV Azteca), at that time making mischief to Joserra and Raúl Orvañanos. Since then he was a must in the closings of World Cups and Olympics, but we had never understood why he always attacked Fernández.

It was finally in Qatar 2022 that we found out why the hooligan always attacks José Ramón. According to the Güiri-Güiri character, the English hitter chases the journalist at each event because the day they met “Joserra said that the Hooligan’s sister was horrible”although, humorously, we also learn that he does not have a sister.

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